Bears at Lions 2013: 3 Down 3 Up

Wow, as exciting as the 3-0 start was, this game was as disappointing. I’m not a statistician and don’t have a database of every Bears game in my brain. But I’m betting that the Bears have never scored 40 points in one week, then given up 40 in the next. What a bummer.

I also am quite certain that Robbie Gould has never converted an onside kick. As goofy and less accurate as Paul Edinger was, he was slick on onside kicks.

Three Down

- After three weeks of the best football in his career, Jay Cutler regressed in a big way. Obviously he was under much greater duress that he had been in the season’s first three weeks, given the quality of the Lions’ defensive line. But as he admitted, he did not execute on the throws that were intercepted. You could see him pressing once he dug the Bears into a hole. I am not off the Cutler bandwagon and never have been, since I have witnessed so many years of Bears quarterback futility. But it does show that the Bears’ fortunes are tied to, and led by, Cutler.

- Other than the play on which Julius Peppers forced the fumble, the Bears pass rush was absent for a fourth straight week. The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear.

- We can now be pretty certain that the Bears had better not put themselves in the situation of needing onside kicks to win.

Three Ups: Can I find three?

- Even when Matt Forte wasn’t given room to run, he still made positive yardage by squeaking through the Lions’ dominant front. He has consistently ripped off positive runs. Forte is playing extremely well.

- I thought the Bears did an admirable job of holding Calvin Johnson in check, especially given the fact that Charles Tillman had to miss much of the game resting injuries.

- As poor as the Bears defense looked, remember that Cutler’s interceptions and fumble were responsible for at least 13 and possibly 17 points. This week the offense put the defense in poor situation after situation.

Adversity is here. The undefeated Saints are coming into town. We will see what the Bears are made of in less than a week.

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