Bears at Lions 2011: Gameday

Will the Bears shock all of the disbelievers and upset the newly high-flying Lions at home on Monday Night Football?  We’ll find out tonight.

I know the true kool-aid drinking Bears fans out there believe the Bears can pull it off and remain relevant in the division and conference race.  Hell, I believe they can pull it off.  I’m not saying they will.

As I wrote on Friday, if the Bears start 2-3 with losses to both of the divisional leaders, it will be a long road ahead.  10-6 would be the absolute worst they could finish to get into the playoffs, and this year 10-6 might not even get them in.  So should they lose tonight, at minimum they’d have to finish 8-3 on the season, probably more like 9-2.  Do you think it is probable, or even possible?

I have to say, it just makes me ill to watch our biggest rivals, the Packers, looking absolutely unbeatable, a dynasty in the making, while the Bears seem to be treading water with many problems.  But I’ll withhold writing more on that until another time.

I keep alluding to the 1992 Chicago Bears season in my posts this year, and I just can’t stop because it continues to feel eerily similar to the present.  If you’ll recall, that year the Bears were beat up, starting 2-3.  They then rallied against two lesser opponents and met the resurgent Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.  All week the game was spoken of as a must win for the Bears to remain relevant.  We thought they were up for the challenge-then they laid an egg in a 38-10 loss to an up-and coming team.  The Packers, Vikings and Lions went on to dominate the NFC Central division for the rest of the decade, while the Bears spiraled into an almost 15-year funk.

But first things first, there is a Bears game to enjoy this evening.  Just hope I enjoy it, and you do too.

3 Responses to “Bears at Lions 2011: Gameday”

  1. Call me whatever, but I have a feeling they are going to win this game. I didn’t feel too confident against NO and GB, and I picked them not to cover the 6.5 points (thanks Greg for your garbage TD) against CAR. Should they lose, they certainly have no chance to win the division, but a playoff spot is certainly not of the question. ATL and TB don’t look nearly as strong as last year, no team is coming out of the west, and the east is over rated as hell. Dallas is the most overrated team in sports, every time you think the Giants are going to take over, they lay an egg, Phily is 1-4, and the Skins, well I don’t think they are going to run away with anything. Life in the NFL is so much fun, isn’t it?

  2. Life in my NFL was fun from 1984-1988, 2001, 2005-2006, 2010…you get my point :). Good observations as always.

  3. Oh yes, I remember those years… NFL Red Zone does wonders, espeically when there is no Bears game. Don’t get me wrong, the Bears have plenty of issues, and they can easily die a slow death. However, in the NFC, there is one team that stands above the rest in the Packers. New Orleans isn’t that far behind, and I still want to see more from DET, but they look pretty good so far. SF has had enough talent to win that crappy division, but it looks like they finally have the coaching to get it done. The east? Meh, if any team that wants to take over, feel free.

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