Bears at Falcons 2009

Orton talk?  Check, done, glad we have Cutler.  Benson talk?  Check, done, glad he’s gone.  T.O. talk?  Check, done, not happening.  Time to talk about Bears and Falcons.

I find it strange that I was supremely confident that the Bears would go into Indianapolis and beat the Colts on Sunday night in the 2008 season opener.  And they did.  But I don’t know about this here game, I really don’t.

Lovie’s defense is playing well enough overall to have contributed to a 3-1 record.  But it bends a hell of a lot.  Oh my God does it bend.  So how much will it bend against a team featuring Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White and Matt Ryan.  We all know the feeling in the pit of our guts when you see receivers WIDE OPEN exploiting the Bears’ zones.

I feel that in order for the Bears to win, Ron Turner is going to have to take the offensive handcuffs off with the goal of scoring 35 points to win this game.  I don’t know if Turner has ever done that in his career.  But he had better think about it this week.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. I know that I am a bit of a homer, but I see Atlanta as an inferior team to the Bears.
    I think the dismantling of the 49′ers who, by the way, are FOR REAL this year is a bit of a fluke.
    I bad, missed tackle removed and Roddy White has 120 yards instead of around 210 and one less touchdown.
    The key to this game is stopping Turner like they did last year and not letting Norwood have a good game. Keep pressure with minimal blitzing (a lot of 3 step drops from Ryan).
    WRAP UP ON TACKLES. PERIOD. Secure the tackle then go for the strip or Turner will carry you 25 yards into the endzone.
    Also I do not care who does it, but someone must take the tight end out of the game or Gonzalez will cause real problems.
    I said earlier that Chicago is the better team and I mean it.
    Be that as it may. This game serves as a measuring stick for how the Bears can challenge a good team IN WHITE.
    PERNO said the same thing in an earlier post and I could not agree more. This game will prove the Bears are contenders if they can beat a good (yet inferior. Damn I am sickening as a fan) team on the road in a hostile environment.
    GO BEARS!!!!

  2. As much as I would love for the Bears to win this one..I really dont have alot of hope in it…I just think Matt Ryan will pass all over us. While the defensive line is better this year, I still think Matt Ryan is on his way to a great game…Atleast 300 yards passing.

    Sorry to put it this way folks, but I have a 35-21 Falcons victory.

    To me Gonzalez will be the killer and huge difference maker.

  3. Mcowan is the man in new england. Eat his dust all haters oh and by the way. If lovie wouldnt be so busy playing teachers pet and coached the people with potential instead of his butt buddys. mcgowan would have been the player he is now in new england for the bears.

  4. By the way he has taken yet another starting position. And held gonzalez like a baby….aand ripped matt ryan a new one. Its not the players for the bears its the lack of coaching. EAT THEM APPLES..

  5. Can someone please get McGowan his pills……. and a ride back to the institution.

  6. If you think about it, the Bears had the falcons beat last year in atlanta. But a ridiculous onside kick attempt in addition to letting Atlanta get off a long pass down field enabled them to win with a field goal, all this with 11 seconds on the play-clock. With Cutler at the helm this year, the Bears coming off a bye week and pretty much fielding a full squad now with the exception of Urlacher, I honestly believe they’re in pretty good shape. So I envision a victory on sunday.

  7. When you think about it, this game is huge. I do expect the Vikings to falter at the end of the season, but it might not be enough to over take them. there are only two wild card spots, and with the bottom feeders really bad, I don’t see them making much noise. Beating both phily and Atlanta will be vitle on mkaing the playoffs. Hell, 11 wins might not be enough this year.

  8. The 12 man on the field penalty is unforgivable.

  9. I agree. Also, the two turnovers in the redzone are unforgiveable. We had our way with them in the first half, except the Bears forgot the most important rule: TAKE CARE OF THE FOOTBALL.

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