Bears at Falcons 2008

Nice matchup this weekend.  Then again, any Bears game before they’re out of playoff contention is a nice matchup.  The Bears could very well be 5-0 if not for a couple–just a couple–stupid errors.  By the same token, Atlanta has surprised everyone with their 3-2 record.

Stopping Michael Turner and controlling the clock has been a fairly simple recipe for beating the Falcons this season, and two of their three wins have come against pathetic teams.  The Bears can get this one done-they’re fourth overall in rushing defense and have completely, utterly shut down several teams’ running games.

But I remember several games in 2007, when it seemed the Bears might turn a corner or put some room behind them by winning a winnable game….then flopped.  So it’s important for them to remain focused and dilligent.

I already know the responses that comment is going to generate: it’s not 2007 anymore.  Thank God for that.  Go Bears.

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  1. That’s right it’s not 2007. The bears will will win no doubt.

    GO BEARS!!!

  2. ….and now we’re back to 2007 performance!!! Ha! Oh you silly Chicago Bears, why can’t you just make it easy on us fans?!?!?

  3. 8 points, 3 losses.

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