Bears at Cowboys 2010

I hate the Dallas Cowboys.  Always have going back to the late 1970′s when I can remember half the kids in my grade school seemingly abandoning their local team for the Cowboys or Steelers.  But I’ve used that story so many times that I’m going to start sounding like a senile old coot if I don’t knock it off.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I do despise Dallas in my top 5 hated teams.  Surprisingly the Bears haven’t played the Cowboys with much regularity for an NFC team.  They’ve only played twice in this decade (2004 and 2007, or is that the last decade?)  Those were both Bears losses, but the teams were 2-2 in 1990′s regular season meetings, and 3-3 in the 80′s.

I’d love to say that the Bears could shock the nation by upsetting the Cowboys at home.  Actually they could if they scored 35 on offense and played just mediocre defense.  But the units Lovie Smith has fielded the last three seasons have me waiting to see the Cowboys march down the field on them repeatedly, rendering anything the offense might to as meaningless.

And the offense may do nothing other than peel their quarterback off the ground repeatedly.

But I am holding out hope.  You have to enjoy these early season games that matter.  Let’s go Bears.

What do you think of the matchup?

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  1. I have a feeling the Bears will get their clocks clean. I know the Cowboys have problems too, but we all know how the Bears struggled against the Detroit Kittens last week.

  2. I think it will be a relatively close game (low scoring) until the end as the Cowboys pull away..but the Cowboys will prevail…Before watching the Cowboys last weekend I was saying the Bears were going to lose 52-3..Now it may be 17-3 Cowboys instead instead.

    I too, really hate the Cowboys…I have to say I hate the Cowboys more than I hate the Packers…It too stems from when I was a kid back in the early-mid 90′s and everyone jumped on the Cowboys bandwagon.

  3. Put me down as another Cowboys hater. They were just SO annoying in the 90s.

    Still, I don’t think this game is a lost cause. There’s a reasonable chance that the Lions with Suh are just a much tougher defensive line, and the OLine might not look that bad. And if Alex Barron is playing for the Cowboys, all bets are off.

    I am cautiously optimistic.

  4. Bears 24, Cowboys 23.

    Count it.

  5. I was in high school for all 3 of the Cowboys 90′s super bowl wins. As Scott pointed out above, seemingly everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon and all the “cowboys rule!” talk from kids who had never paid attention to the NFL before was enough to make a person want to hurl.

    It would be sweet to put Dallas in an 0-2 hole, and I think the Bears have a shot to win if they can avoid all the turnovers.

  6. If the Bears can stay away from turnover trouble–a big if–and if Cutler can be quick, decisive, and accurate–he’ll need to, to save his own butt–I say the Bears win a close but high scoring game. I look for the Bears D to be stubborn 90% of the time, but for the big plays to kill them. Yeah, 3rd and long …. here we go.

  7. Well how about that!

    The Bears still don’t look good to me but nobody looks really good right now, and the Bears are as good as anyone. If they can calm down their offensive line they’ll be fine.

  8. Congratulations to the Bears, always glad to see Dallas lose.

  9. how about them bears. americas team meet tthe American badass team aka chicagos team Daa bears. next week aginist green bay meet new fan club sine seahawks has 12 men. we have 34 men im goin 2 bears vs p;ackers my 17 bears game. ist aginist green bay. beat green bay. chicago football. lets go bears

  10. Maybe they’re not as horrible as we thought! I’m not buying in until I see more. Those first couple of drives for the Bears were BRUUUUUUTAAAL!!! I could get some of my softball buddies to block Ware and company better than our O-line was blocking, then they shortened up the routes and BOOM! we started rolling! As always I’m glad to see Dallas lose, it’s funny, before kickoff I was bombarded by Dallas and Minnesota fans about how we were done and since then… not a single peep out of anyone! Silence is golden I suppose! Go Bears!

  11. I love it! it’s pandemonium on the Cowboys message boards! Thanks Geritol!

  12. What a great win and what a HUGE game it sets up next Monday.

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