Bears at Browns Preseason 2012

WSCR’s Bears beat reporter called the fourth NFL preseason game “the biggest ripoff in professional sports.” And as a season ticket holder that is forced to spend $360 on two ridiculous meaningless games, I agree. I won’t be spending money on this one since it’s in Cleveland, but it will even be painful to watch on television.

Given Lovie Smith’s history, I fully expect that Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Devin Hester, Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman and others won’t play a down. And I’m totally OK with that because I don’t want to see any of them get injured. But it’s going to be kind of meaningless to watch.

Is there anything in particular anyone is watching for? I’d say the play of the offensive and defensive lines, the backup cornerbacks, and Josh McCown to gauge whether the Bears should keep the third QB. But how can we gauge anything if the Bears are playing against Cleveland’s backups?

Enjoy the game regardless, if that’s possible.

5 Responses to “Bears at Browns Preseason 2012”

  1. Not possible :D

  2. I’m watching tonight to see how the bottom of the roster will shake out and see who plays best on ST. Hopefully no injuries to any of the key depth guys either.

  3. So… Anderson or Sanzenbacher? Discuss.

  4. Looks like Anderson will probably make the practice squad, Febster.

  5. Good. He did really well against the NYG.

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