Bears at Broncos 2009

Forget my throwing a bunch of links up this morning-straight to it.  What did you all think of the game?  Yes, we have to realize that the Bears aren’t putting up 40 points a game or whatever that the media won’t let us forget the Packers are doing, but a coupld of 85+ yard drives by Cutler are pretty nice, right?

Next time you hear how the Packers are winning the preseason Super Bowl or whatever, remember that I believe the Lions were 4-0 in the preseason last year.

Who’d you like in the game?  Who didn’t you like?

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  1. Yes, the Lions went 4-0 last year during the preseason… So much for that.

    Things I liked is what we’ve been seeing already. Cutler moving aruond in the pocket and making great throws. What I didn’t like was the offensive line, especially early in the game, was very subpar. It got a little better towards the end of the half, but hopefully they will improve.

  2. Great Game ….Roy good party!

  3. I LIKED:
    Cutler, Forte, Olsen, HESTER

  4. Sorry accidentally clicked “Submit”, anyways
    …Bennett, Aromoshodu, Rashied Davis’ special teams play, how the Bears can GET the short yardage rushing yards this year, and I liked how Alex Brown (I think it was him) stuck to his assignment and stuffed a reverse-try and also a bootleg I think. How none of the Bears offensive players seem to be hot dogs. They score TD’s and give the ball to the ref, only to do it again later…
    Orlando Pace getting BADLY beaten on speed rushes in the beginning, how Orton was picking apart the Bears D. Against a better QB and team (Packers) this could be trouble, just like last year. How the offense sputtered at the start of the game, although they were not given much to work with. How Mark Anderson got credited for a sack even though the QB pretty much ran into HIM.

    All-in-all, they looked good. Bring on the Pack!

  5. I liked the composure that Jay Cutler showed in a very hostile environment. The slow start had less to do with Cutler and more to do with the O-line not being able to hear the snap count.
    Orlando Pace has always struggled with short speed rushers Elvis Dumervil gave him all he could ask for. Once the natives stopped calling for bloodshed and the Bears offense could hear themselves, Jay Cutler went about showing the Broncos fans exactly why they should be angry with their new head coach and Pat Bowlen.
    Idiotic bonehead move of the century!
    Trade away your franchise because he was mad at you for hurting his feelings.
    I suggest the Bears sign Cutler to the longest deal possible as soon as they can.
    The man has a laser arm, good awareness, pocket presence, and the ability to establish the pocket outside of the tackles.
    Bears fans have always wanted Brett Favre. We got him. (Except he is younger, taller, and less unpredictable).
    Food for thought: What names are the Denver Broncos fans calling their new head coach today? I solemnly believe they were taking most of their frustration out on Cutler last night but the real person they are angry at is Josh McDaniels for basically screwing the Broncos out of a winning record for years to come.

  6. As long as Ron Turner doesn’t get too predictable with the play calling, the Bears offense should be okay. Cutler seems to be able to execute any play you give him, but the offensive line needs to get better otherwise many drives will be stopped short.

    The secondary still has me worried, without Tillman for a good while, Bowman and Manning injured too, Vasher not the same since his injury, it looks as though the Bears may have to win some high scoring games against teams with a decent passing game. That puts a lot of pressure on the offense to score. But hopefully the LBs and linemen can get enough pressure of their own on QBs and stop the opponent’s running game. That’s always a key to victory.

  7. did anyone else think the diapers and all the crybaby stuff was funny? its kinda silly to me that the broncos trade cutler and he gets the blame for wanting to leave denver. i believe pat bowlen and josh mcdaniels had something to do with it. if the team was managed better maybe they wouldnt have had their riff. but alas cutler is to blame and blame alone. i think that maybe the broncos fans themselves should keep the diapers on bacause obvioulsy they themselves, are a bunch of crybabies. whaaaaa!

  8. I don’t blame Cutler for wanting out, but at the same time he was a little baby about it. Nothing is handed to you in the NFL unless you’ve earned it like Manning or Brady. However, I’m glad the crybaby is on the Bears and throwing TD’s.

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