Bears at 49ers-Predictions?

Surprising development greeted us this morning-apparently 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will not play tonight. Given that this will be San Francisco backup Colin Kaepernick’s first career start, and Bears backup Jason Campbell’s 71st, one might think this would provide confidence. However, I still remember Eric Hipple’s first start against the Bears on Monday Night Football in 1981.

Ditka on the stroke he suffered Friday: “I’m Iron Mike, c’mon!” Love ya, coach.

Mike Mulligan has an interesting article in today’s Tribune. Apparently there were unofficial conversations at the end of the 2009 season between Jim Harbaugh and the Bears, indicating mutual interest in Chicago’s head coaching job should Lovie Smith be fired. But Smith wasn’t, and that ship has sailed. But I was secretly hoping at the time that Harbaugh would end up coaching the Bears.

Now-I’d love to hear everyone’s predictions on tonight’s game. I think the Bears, led by Jason Campbell, CAN win this game. Whether they will or not, I don’t know.

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  1. I think the Bears play some inspired football tonight. As long as Tice can keep his head out his butt with the play calling, I say Bears 20-16.

  2. Well, I had this tabbed as a loss from the get go. The Bears haven’t won in SF since 1985, and boy, have seen some major stinkers in that crappy stadium. They certainly have a chance as I think both teams are evenly matched. If the Bears avoid the turnovers (unlike last week), they might sqeauk out a win. But, I picked against them in my pool for the first time this year. I will be fine that I’m wrong in this case…

  3. Kaeperni-who? The Bears D must be salivating as we speak. If the Bears can stop the run, they should cruise to victory, but that Gore is a pretty good back and they have the league’s best running game. Hopefully the Bears can force what’s his face to pass almost every play, because once that happens, it’ll be raining interceptions. Bears win by 7.

  4. I agree with most everyone else. The Bears and 49ers are pretty evenly matched in my opinion. This game is going to come down to a few big plays and lucky bounces. Given that I’m an optimist, I say Bears 14, 49ers 10.

  5. Hrm…thinking it over, 2 TDs might be asking a bit much. Make it 13-10.

  6. Thanks for sharing…4 hours to gametime-Go Bears!

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