Bears at 49ers 2009

I’m biting my tongue bigtime.  There is so much I could say about what’s wrong with the 2009 Bears.  And unfortunately I’m afraid I will have to say it all when the time is right.

But for today I have decided that this is a 4-4 team and as disgusted as I am about 2 of the 4 losses, I remember Dave Wannstedt’s 1-7 and 2-6 starts.  I remember Dick Jauron’s eight-game losing streak.  The Bears may have fallen apart in 2 of their 8 games, but for today I’m going to trust that they’ll take care of business in San Francisco.

Do I think it’s quite possible that they’ll lose in embarrassing fashion again?  Sure.  But for tonight I’m going to have faith.

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  1. The Bears being underdogs is what has driven me as a fan to watch them since I was a kid. I just hope they play like there’s a chip on their shoulder. As much as I’ve doubted, today is gameday and as a true fan have to stand behind my team, despite all the analysis and disappointing losses. The fun part of being a bears fan is that, sometimes when you think they’re done, they suprise us! GO BEARS

  2. Isn’t the Lovie Smith era about over?? He is starting to make Dick Jauron look good and I didn’t think that could ever happen!

  3. I try to watch but the “O” line and ALOT of other things are wrong with the Bears. And these are professional athletes. Sad.

  4. Only completing 27 out of 52 passes for 307 yard and 5 interceptions looks like Culter is only trying to pad his stats for most yardage in the NFL at the cost of the team!! the Bears need a TEAM quarterback.

  5. Bob – are you serious? What’s he trying to pad, his interception number? The guy either hands off to Forte and watches him get demolished, or he runs for his life on every single passing play because our line SUCKS. He’s trying to do too much, but he’s basically being asked to do everything because WE HAVE NO RUNNING GAME. I think the last thing he is trying to do is “pad his stats for most yardage in the NFL at the cost of the team!!” I hope you are joking, and if you are, don’t quit your day job.

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