Bears are the Bears, After All

Of course I’m happy that the Bears seem to have spent the extra $180 they’re getting from me this year and every year going forward after they increased my ticket prices when they signed Peppers, Taylor and Manumaleuna.

And of course I’m hopeful that Mike Martz will rediscover his magic here and Lovie’s pathetic defense of the last 3 years will be reborn.

But today I was reminded that the Bears organization will always be the Bears organization.  I paid for my season tickets today, and tacked onto my lump sum bill was a $2 “Invoice Payment Fee.”

I’m freaking serious.  The Bears charged me $2 to pay them.  I can’t even begin to think of what to rant about this, so let me just have a laugh about it and ask everyone else what they think.

Yes, it’s only $2, but if the Bears have 20,000 season ticket holders, that’s an extra 40 grand to the McCaskey’s that they think some of us are stupid enough to let slip without saying anything.

Yes, I know that I paid online via credit card so I can reap reward points, and this is a luxury the organization would say they provided last year as a benefit to me.  But accepting credit cards is a cost of doing business most corporations realize they must deal with these days, and they don’t pass along to their customers.

I think what I find funniest is, couldn’t they have pulled the wool over my eyes by coming up with ANYTHING a little less obvious to name it other than “Invoice Payment Fee?”  My God that is terrible.

Good thing I like my employer and they’ve been good to me.  Otherwise I might ask, what do you think would happen if I suggested that I charge them a “paycheck receipt fee” every other week?

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  1. It’s the new American way, there are fees for the ability to charge fees, and if they can’t charge a fee they’ll charge a fee because they can’t charge a fee. It’s ridiculous but at the end of the day your other choice will be to not buy season tickets which you won’t be doing, so they’ve got you.

  2. Like I keep saying, the Bears keep inventing new ways to inconvenience anyone who decides they want to see the Bears live at Soldier Field. They only want the most loyal, wealthiest, and dumbest fans to attend so that they can get away with whatever they want and not be questioned about it. It’s all the little things they do that add up to a shitty experience. “You can’t smoke anywhere, you can’t stand there. We only have a limited number of gates open to let people in one at a time for body searches which are never thorough so they’re not even worth doing. Oops, you missed 40 minutes of the game because you stood in line. ANY line. But oh, here’s a coupon for $10 off any Dick’s sporting goods purchase of $100 or more. See! Aren’t we nice to our fans?”

  3. Well its becoming like the banks and their fees, and since they have little regulations from any government entity and have an Anti-Trust exemption by the Federal Government they can get away with all this stuff.

    Fans will keep paying for those tickets as long as the salary from their jobs can keep up with it. But as people are still losing their jobs, those people will pass on those tickets to more wealthy people who end up not really caring about the game and just go for an experience. Real fans will become a thing of the past before too long.

    Its cheaper to watch all these games on TV and they do a pretty good job of coverinh it on TV.

  4. Agreed that real fans will become a thing of the past. These teams are more and more like major corporations. I won’t support a major corporation if I don’t like their product and/or they try to scrwe me on price or poor customer service. The Bears are failing in the price area, and if they keep putting a bad team on the field then I don’t blame people that stop cheering for the Bears. The big sports leagues are making it so that bandwagon jumping is the norm, myself included. I couldn’t give a crap less about the Hawks until they started doing well this year. I don’t want to pay $100 to sit in a seat and cheer on a team that sucks. I don’t care about loyalty, that’s a thing of the past.

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