Bears and Cubs

I’m exhausted today.  Just a quick funny story.

My 23-month old daughter has been conditioned to say “Go Cubs” whenever she sees a Cubs or Bears logo by this point, since we’re fresh off cheering for the Cubs for 8 months.  I had been gone over the weekend and when I came home with my Bears jersey on, she continually pointed to it saying “Go Cubs”.

Bears honey….Bears….Bears….DON’T SAY CUBS ANY MORE!

Seriously, I don’t even want to think about the Cubs.  Now, period, whenever, I’m disgusted.

Ironically, Kyle Orton talks about the Bears and the Cubs in this article from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Go Bears!  It was a drubbing of a pathetic, terrible team in the Lions.  I mean bad.  I haven’t seen a team as bad as this Lions team in, like, ever.  But good teams are supposed to win like that over bad teams, and I was glad to see the Bears do it.

First place, baby!

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  1. Great game Da Bears all around. Hopefully they can extend their winning streak to 3 games against the Falcons next Sunday.

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