At a Loss for Words

No pun intended with the emphasis on LOSS.

I really have nothing today.  What do you think about yesterday’s debacle.  Travesty.  Embarassment.?  I’d love to hear your opinions and explanations.

Eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, told my neighbors at the game that there is no way anymore to feel confident in a Bears lead.  And what happened…the Chicago defense gave up a long drive for a field goal.  Then the Bear offense rushed for 7 yards on first down, following that up with a failure to gain 3 more on the next 2 plays.  Then Tampa’s all-mediocre team quarterback Brian Griese drives the field again for the tying touchdown.

Then further offensive miscues.  Then the worst penalty a Bear player has committed in…..I’m to tire to think of how long.  But I’d say years.  Then Soldier Field, which I and later Jim Schwantz commented was the loudest I had ever heard it, went so silent you could only hear random fans screaming frustration at the team they spent good money to go see.

Then it was over.  And I’m still trying to figure out just what the hell happened to drop the Bears, who could be 3-0 right now, to 1-2.

9 Responses to “At a Loss for Words”

  1. The first half presented the usual Turner Prevent Offense. However, he did something different this week. He made adjustments in the second half that actually resulted in moving the ball and eventually scoring. Enough of the offensive bashing, lets look at the defense. At least this week they played for 3 quarters. We need a pass rush. Even the blitz wasn’t working. Coaches need to take a hard look at the players and make adjustments.

  2. The last time Griese played for the Bears he threw 4 interceptions and yesterday he threw 3. If the defense could of just picked him off one more time the victory would’ve been theirs. Alas, despite the TB offense ditching the running game in favor of passing for the entire fourth quarter and OT, the Bears seemed pretty gassed and just didn’t have one more big play left in them. Griese knows how the Bears operate when defending the pass and simply picked them apart. We needed another interception from Tillman, not a stupid penalty that he was baited into. The Bears D was exhausted at that point and were forced to stay on the field. 2 games in a row they blow a fourth quarter lead. This was definitely a game they needed to win. An NFC matchup like this at home and you blow it?!? I guess the Bears really are who we thought they were.

  3. I’m still trying to let this loss go, it hurt pretty bad. I’m still blaming the offense, Orton looked great on one drive where he was using Lloyd, the rest of the time he was second-guessing himself on almost every play, double-pumping and checking down. There’s no way there wasn’t someone open at least a couple of those times. He needs to start making big NFL plays, that’s all there is to it. Yes the defense caved again and it’s something to be worried about, but when a team gets 3 turnovers, they should be able to win the game. Too bad the offense consists of Matt Forte only (he looked great besides that ball he should have caught in the end zone), maybe they can open it up a little more against Philly. Man the coaching staff will be going ballistic on them during films today. I hope Peanut can rebound from his bonehead penalty. I’ve got to stop typing…til next time.

  4. Great comments, helping me cope. Are you SURE the coaching staff will be going ballistic? Are you sure it won’t be more Lovie-dovey “we like our guys, we like everything all of our guys do…, etc.? I’m still just disgusted.

  5. A little less than 24 hours after the game, and I am still upset, even more so than after the Carolina. The biggest issue that I have with the entire days performance is this, we should have been up 24-3 in the first half. End of story, no overtime, no 15 yard bone head penalties, no game winning OT drive. Turner’s weekly offensive game plan of coming out and trying to run the ball repeatedly with the occasional 5 yard dink pass is laughable at best. That type of anemic play calling will only end one way, with Forte being carted off the field. When Orton was at Purdue he threw the ball on an average of 30-40 times per game, he has the arm as well as the accuracy. Take the leash off the kid and let him quarterback the team. This is not 2005, we do not need to “manage” the offense with supervised quarterback play. It escapes me how a team with three freakishly large TE’s on the roster is totally unwilling to play the slants. The defense needs to be kept off the field for those long stretches, they will get warn out, and ultimately get hurt. I can only hope that this coaching staff realizes this sooner than later. We will not run ourselves to a championship. /End Rant.

  6. I don’t want to talk today. I don’t want to eat. I turned down my girlfriend this morning (for the first time ever). Just a sad, sad day. I wish it would rain.

  7. Oh man Higgins, seriously? I have faith in you that you’ll make it through to next week. We need your usually positive outlook.

  8. Let me say this. I’m much more upset over this loss than the Super Bowl. I can get over a loss easily when the team is out played on the field. For the crap that happened yesterday, unacceptable. I cannot stand mental errors. And, I’m not singling out Tillman. Knock that crap off.

  9. Honestly? I actually do blame the referee call.

    We don’t have a team that is going to blow everybody out of the water. That call was the difference between a win and me crying in my beer. Simple as that.

    For the most part things went well. Defense came up with the turnovers. Kyle put points on the board. Forte ran well. That really is pretty much the best this team can do.

    This team is going to have a lot of close games. Big penalties, poor returns and turnovers will absolutely kill this team. THEY MATTER. We are absolutely dependent on good field position to win games.

    Last week I think inopportune penalties, poor returns, and most of all the Olson fumbles killed us.

    We cannot start drives at the 10 (really missing Hester), we cannot have more than 1 turnover and we cannot have 4th quarter penalties.

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