Another Useless Muttering

…but the useless mutterings of 2008 are getting closer and closer to being history.

The 2008 Bears are on the ropes.  They can take care of their own business, but can’t get into the playoffs without help.

If the Minnesota Vikings defeat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, champagne will be popping in Minneapolis and the Bears will be eliminated from contention for the division title.  I will harbor no ill feelings for the Vikings-if they do what they have to do to take the title away from the Bears, good for them.

Then if the Cowboys, Buccaneers and Eagles all win, and they’re all favorites, the Bears will be completely eliminated even for the chance of the wildcard.

My greatest fear for Monday is not freezing my arse off at Soldier Field, but freezing my arse off if the Bears are eliminated and don’t give jack about winning the game against the Packers for pride’s sake.  There are a few guys I don’t think in a million years would give it up (Matt Forte, Kyle Orton), but the way the team has collapsed in several games this season, I’m not so sure about everyone.

Go Bears.  Go Falcons.

3 Responses to “Another Useless Muttering”

  1. Hooray! Cowboys lost! Bear down!

  2. The Bears won’t officially be elminated when they take the field on Monday. We will see what happens, but a Bucs and Eagles loss will be nice.

  3. Well, the outlook is better now than yesterday or Sat morning for sure, a few cards falling just they way the Bears needed them to fall. Time for payback against the Packers.

    Stay warm our there, Roy. Oh, and don’t be fatuous — reference to a few posts down. One of my favorites too.

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