Another Reality for Chicago Bears Fans

Just a quick one today.  I spent a little time yesterday reading some Bears message boards, and of course Monday listened to some of the talk shows to ease my pain by listening to other Bears fans complain as I’d like to if I called in anywhere or posted on message boards.  I don’t have time to do that stuff.

I realize everyone is mad about the Bears dropping winnable games in 2008 and getting blown out by their two arch-rivals.  (Of course I would say what did you really expect in 2008?  Wait, I did say that.)

I would say I’m amazed at the following, but then again I’m really not.  It seems that every other person that is calling or posting with anger on the state of the 6-6 Bears is calling for EVERYONE to be fired.  FIRE LOVIE!  FIRE ANGELO!  FIRE PHILLIPS!  FIRE TURNER!  FIRE BABICH!

Listen, I’m as frustrated as anyone is, but firstly, Angelo, Smith and their staffs did take the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006.  Yes, they lost due to a quarterback that was operating on the Peter Principle and a defense that broke down while missing two of its best players in the prime of their careers (Mike Brown, Tommie Harris).

Secondly, and what makes the discussion to FIRE EVERYONE a moot point, is that it…is…NOT…going…to…happen.  Period.  It’s not even worth discussing, because Lovie Smith has a contract through the 2011 season at $5 million per.  The McCaskeys will not pay Smith $15 million to not coach them the next 3 years.  Angelo is signed through 2012, I believe.

The Bears could finish 0-16 for 3 years straight, and the McCaskeys will not fire Smith, Angelo or Phillips.

And odds are Smith will not do anything about his coordinators, being stubborn and all-knowing.

So as much as it may help people heal by saying it, it’s wasted breath.

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  1. Couldn’t Angelo step in and fire the coordinators? I’ve heard before Lovie wanted to replace Ron Turner with one of his “guys”, but Angelo said he would have to fire Babich first, and Lovie decided to keep Babich. Thats just something I’ve heard (from a forum).

  2. Roy, you have to excuse the masses. People like to live in fantasy land and always have extreme opinions. In fact, one person on a board said he wants the Bears to lose out to make changes. With the Williams Wall out, it’s a very good chance the Bears back into the division. And, I said, first, I never root for the Bears to lose. If you want them to lose, go root for another team. Second, Lovie and Angelo aren’t going anywhere, so quit wasting your breath. Then, you have your annual McNabb wishes, which drive me up the wall.

    Scott, I heard the same thing, but I don’t know if that was ever proven. I also heard that Angelo told Jauron to dump Shoop, but it didn’t happen. My question, is Turner really THAT bad of a coach? When he has an actual QB running his offense (like Orton pre-injury, Grossman at times in 2006, etc), the offense is productive. He runs the same offense his brother Norv ran in Dallas. Is Norv that much of a genious, or is having an offense easier to run with Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith? Jason Garrett was considered a great coach, but his offense looked like crap when Romo was injured.

  3. Your comments made me think about the difference between the fans and employees like Smith and Angelo. We the fans have been here long before Smith and Angelo and will be here long after they are gone. As fans we are much more loyal to the franchise wanting what is best for the team which is only natural. Employees like Smith and Angelo are only loyal for a period of time because they are only here for a designated period of time and so naturally their interests are more on a personal level. During their time here they make decisions that they stick by and often to the detriment of the team. If they continue to make decisions such as Smith hiring Babich and then letting him go it makes Smith look like he may not know what he is doing and that his decision was wrong. Too many wrong decisions during their tenure and they start to look incompetent. Smith’s stubborness in not getting rid of Babich is an example that he is more interested in his interests than in the teams interest and more loyal to his friend than the team. Deep down I think that is what is behind the fans anger. Poor decisions such as signing no great receiver and sticking with the ones we have instead of at least developing some talent like Bennett, Rideau, and Hass is typical of sticking with a decision that is detrimental to the team all because they want to be right and are too scared to make a change. They were so afraid of choosing the wrong quarterback in the draft they chose none and waited until the draft was over to get Hanie. Getting rid of the Cover Two like John Madden suggested is another decision they have stuck with. Choosing Babich over Rivera, Benson over Thomas Jones, Grossman over whoever, signing defensive contracts to players past their prime and not offering Berrian more money or at least protecting him with a franchise tag may be others that are questionable. But both Angelo and Smith will stick with their decisions long after the fans see that change needs to be made. Sometimes the fans are right and that is because we are loyal forever and want what is best for the team forever. We would like their decisions to work out but when they don’t we recognize that and speak out. It’s in our nature and it’s in their nature to stick to their guns because we are here forever and they are not. So you are right, we are stuck with them. Too bad we didn’t have owners who were more like the fans and willing to say that they made a mistake with Angelo and Smith but they are too cheap.

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