And What of These OC Candidates?

Greg Knapp, former offensive coordinator in several NFL cities?  Now gone to Houston.

Gene Saunders, disciple of Air Coryell, coordinator of one of the great all-time offenses in Kansas City earlier this decade?  Unemployed.

Jim Fassel, widely respected offensive mind?  Unemployed.

As much concern as I have had over Mike Martz, I’d take him at this point over all of the unknowns the Bears are now picking over on the scrap heap.

But what do I know.  Jerry and Lovie know exactly what they’re doing.  Right?

2 Responses to “And What of These OC Candidates?”

  1. It’s almost embarrassing to be a Bears fan these days. Hey at least the Vikings look like they’re coming apart slowly. Now if the Packers can just regress a little bit they’ll be all set!

  2. Compared to who the are inerviewing now, I’d rather have Martz too, or Zorn for that matter..

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