An Interesting Chicago Bears Scenario

On WSCR yesterday, during one of the rare times I actually was able to listen, Hub Arkush outlined most of an interesting scenario for Bears fans.  Unlike many of the members of the professional media in this city, I cite where I hear things.

Granted, the potential for this scenario coming true is about as likely as anything we’ve been talking about, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Can you imagine the McCaskey family actually saving the Bears future for the fans by not spending money?  Read on.

As many of you may know, the chances that the 2010 season will be an uncapped year are becoming more and more likely every day.  An uncapped year would have many ramifications, one of them being that there would be no salary floor for teams along with their being no salary cap.  And Arkush pointed out that some owners may look at this as an opportunity to spend far less on salaries for one season, thus stockpiling money.  One of the reasons they may feel the need to stockpile money would be to hedge against there being no football in 2011 if there is a work stoppage due to an absence of a labor agreement.

Imagine this-the uncapped year might allow the Bears to shed a lot of the worthless contracts Jerry Angelo gave out to players in 2007/2008 that aren’t panning out: Tommie Harris, Olin Kreutz, Brian Urlacher, Nathan Vasher.  The organization would actually be able to shed enough money to recoup what it would cost them to buy out the equally bad contracts of Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith and perhaps Ted Phillips, the man at the top that rubber stamped the Angelo and Smith extensions following the Super Bowl loss.

If there are indeed factions in the family with brains and business sense that would like to take over and hire a guy like Bill Cowher, who would bring in his own successful personnel people, this would be a way to sacrifice success on the field in 2010 (it’s certainly not going to happen with the status quo) to build for the future.  Let us remember that if Cowher was known for anything during his 1992-2006 tenure with the Steelers it was that his teams continually lost talent and continually backfilled with talent.  And while he didn’t make the playoffs every season (no team does), his teams remained successful.

Granted, there is way more to the salary cap ramifications than just what is written above, but it’s certainly an appetizing thought compared to a 2010 watching a continued clown show that this Bears team has become.  And unfortunately, the most likely scenario is that 2010 remains status quo.

But all we can do is dream of a better future at this point.

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  1. If the bears cut nate vasher after this season that will save them close to $13 million in salary, which can be used for you know what…ok if you don’t then it can be used to axe Lovie.

    $13 million to a guy that never plays is absurd, and very Jerry Angeloesque.

    Now, how much to get rid of Angelo?

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