Again, did that really happen?

I’m still a little stunned from Sunday and can’t muster up much this morning.  Just some random thoughts.

I had a list of things I feel very positive about with the Bears this year.  There is still a lot of good that has come out of this season.  After Sunday, though, I just can’t go there yet.

Carolina handed the Bears that game.  Ditto Tampa, and the Falcons, despite outplaying the Bears all day, handed Chicago Sunday’s game.  And Green Bay has done their best to give the division over to the Bears.  But the Bears wouldn’t TAKE any of those games, and seem like they don’t want to take the division.

When they win, the Bears’ defense sacks the hell out of and applies major pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Against Atlanta and Tampa, against almost 100 pass attempts, there were no sacks.  Telling.

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  1. Tampa did not hand us anything, neither did Carolina. We handed them those games. On Sunday versus Atlanta, we were outplayed for the first time this season. Our defense was back to a preseason shade of vanilla. It was horrible. What happened to loading the line of scrimmage and throwing different blitz packages at them? Horrible, we should not be 6-0, but we should be 5-1. Atlanta outplayed us. We almost stole it back, which would have been nice considering Tampa Bay and Carolina stole wins from us. I forget what whose article it was that I read yesterday, but they said it best, “The right team won, just in the wrong way.”

  2. Oooh good quote, “The right team won, just in the wrong way.” I couldn’t agree more. Hey at least we’re not b*tching about the QB position like we’ve had to for the last few years, right? What’s with Forte? The first half he reminded me of Benson, just running into the pile and falling down, no cuts or anything. Then he turned it up the second half, and a couple big holes really helped his cause. Does anyone else agree?

  3. Yes, but defenses wear down against the run. That’s how teams that pound it work. Run the ball 15 times in the first half for 30 yards, run it 15 times in the second half for 70 yards. What’s the word on Chris Williams, especially with this Terrence Metcalf disaster?

  4. Is anyone curious that our three losses this year have come against the NFC South? And that we’ve beaten all teams from other divisions?

    I know it’s a small sample size and all, but it leaps out at me. I don’t know if I have an explanation…the only thing I can think of is that all those teams would have a long experience against the Cover 2 (since Tampa has played it longer than anyone), so maybe they’re better against it than other teams.

    Or not. Who knows?

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