A Sunday without Bear Football…

…in 2007, was nice, in my opinion.

Actually that’s not true. Any Sunday without a Bear game is always hard for me to get through. But this year Bear games give me far more anxiety than pleasure.

Happy Monday morning Bears fans. I hope tidbits like these will help you reflect on what is truly good in your life instead of on the disappointment of your favorite football team. A bunch of overpaid underachievers.

Thought for today: at the start of the 2007 season, would you have believed in a million years that the following teams would be head-and-shoulders better than yours?

Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins,? Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers.

(I could easily say Detroit as well, but I don’t know about them.? They did sweep the Bears in 2007 (as Minnesota undoubtedly will as well) , but I see plenty of holes over there still).

Most of those teams were awful last year, a couple made the playoffs but were not in the Bears’ class. Now they’re all better than the Bears, without major problems at most every position group as the Bears have. Happy Monday.

I liked Rick Morrissey’s accounting of what we missed without the Bears playing yesterday: “dumb mistakes by the offensive line, missed tackles, coaching intractability, mess at quarterback and running back, and the blank look on Lovie Smith’s face.”

Yep, what a season, what an organization.

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