A Grabowski on the Tribune

I’m a big Chicago Bears fan, go figure. So big that in 1991 I deemed it necessary to seek out and become friends with a living, breathing, bonafide Grabowski. And I’ve been friends with this one ever since.

This Grabowski is passionate about his Chicago sports. With me, he’s even been written up in the USA Today. While I try to not let the frustrations of being a Chicago sports fan interfere with my day-to-day sanity, that can’t always be said for this one.

Why am I writing about this today? Several articles in this week’s Chicago Tribune have made me think of my passionate friend.

This friend of mine always gets indignant about the local paper writing glowing articles about rival teams. It used to be Don Pierson dripping loving accolades for Brett Favre on what seemed like a weekly basis. Then last year, it was baseball reporter Phil Rogers glowing about the Milwaukee Brewers, who failed to reach the 2007 playoffs.

Pierson retired in the last year following a distinguished career as a pro football writer. Seems though, to Grabowski’s chagrin, Pierson’s replacement Dan Pompei has stepped right into Pierson’s shoes in this respect. In one week, Pompei has gushed about how awesome Aaron Rodgers is (Brett who?), and now today about how much better off Bernard Berrian is with the world-beating Minnesota Vikings.

I’ll be checking later today to see how my friend Grabowski is doing with all this gushing rival talk.

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  1. How did your friend feel when you wrote like six daily blogs in a row about Favre? Oh, BURN!! Just kidding man. I hate this too. I read that article this morning and got a little sick. “Did a Tribune writer really just write an article about how much better it is for one of our former player to be on a division rival’s team?”, is all I could think. It is disgusting. Write about what happened to Ricky Manning Jr. Write about the offensive line, or how you think the running back situation will turn out. Better yet do some research!! Write an article showing me the statistics from how many games we went into the fourth quarter with the lead last year, and how you think we can improve upon the problems that caused so many fourth quarter meltdowns. I guess it’s to hard to actually research for your job these days. Writers would rather just wake up hungover, jot down some meaningless bulls*** that they didn’t even think about enough to realize that they are praising a division rival of the team they are supposed to be covering. And by the way, is Steve Rosenbloom a fan of Chicago sports? Every blog he does is full of hate.

  2. At least I didn’t “gush” about Favre like these guys do about their favorite Packers and Vikings….but point taken.

  3. I told you I was joking. Good blog today. Our team needs our support in every way, and every little bit helps. I should write an article about how much better off Dan Pompei would be writing for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

  4. Nice!

  5. Aaron Rodgers thinks the bears suck and he said they play like girls ,and got Lucky last time they played .and are a bunch of lossers.90 55 54 all think the can stop me. What a joke Aaron said.

  6. Aaron Rodgers thinks the bears suck and he said they play like girls ,and got Lucky last time they played .and are a bunch of lossers.90 55 54 all think they can stop me. What a joke Aaron said.I would like to hear what the bears D thinks about what he said.

  7. The bears pay millions for 90 what a waste of money is he a pass rusher what a joke never sacked aaron Rodgers the money could of payed for a good QB and put cutler on the beanch wear he belongs

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