48 Hours to Playoff Football

Funny, I just went back and read what I wrote on the eve of the season opener.  I thought that would be fun, on the eve of the Chicago Bears’ first playoff game in four years.  I didn’t say anything prophetic, of course, just that I had no idea what the Bears would look like, but I knew if the 2010 team failed it would be on the defense.

And I feel the 11-5 record turned out to be largely because of the unexpected resurgence of the defense.

One funny thing about that post is that I’m reminded that my favorite site, www.profootballtalk.com, did write that they felt it was certainly possible that the Bears would finish the season 1-15.  I may not have believed I’d see an 11-5 record and a home playoff game, but I never thought a 1-15 record was probable either.

Hard to believe it has been four years since we last gathered at 6 a.m. to celebrate a Bears playoff game in the parking lots around Soldier Field, and I’m looking forward to doing it again around 48 hours from now.

There is no reason why the Bears should not beat the 7-9 (now 8-9 with their playoff upset) Seahawks.  But in 32 years as a Bears fan, I’ve pretty much seen every disappointment at this point, so I can’t exclude the possibility of being disappointed after the game.  Being a Bears and Cubs fan has certainly made me pragmatic about sports.  Certainly I’ll be cheering and hoping for the best with my Soldier Field neighbors on Sunday.

If the Bears win this game, the NFC Championship will be gravy to me, whatever the result, I will not be disappointed in the end of the 2010 season.  Should they lose to the Seahawks after being heavily favored, yeah I’ll be extremely disappointed in them for squandering a great opportunity.  But I won’t lose any sleep over it and will get back to the real priorities in my life.

Lastly, on the Green Bay Packers.  There’s been a lot of animosity here lately, and for that I’m to blame, as I’ve published my frustration at the national media giving the Packers far more credit than I think they have justifiably earned the last two seasons.   While I will never be able to like the Packers, I mean that from the perspective of a bitter rival; I do not expect any Packer fan to like the Chicago Bears either.  That’s the way it should be.

Once again this week I will be completely ambivalent as to who wins the Packers-Falcons game; I’m not going to cheer against the Packers, because I don’t know what would be better for the Bears.  Luckily for us, if the Bears play their game as they can (see Eagles game), they can beat Green Bay in Chicago or the Falcons in Atlanta.

I don’t want to talk about what could happen next week until the Bears take care of business this week.  But I’m through ranting of the Packers’ special attention in the media.  It is what it is.  I wish Packer fans’ enjoyment of the game this weekend, and we’ll all see what happens.

For anyone wanting to attend our tailgate Sunday morning vicariously, keep an eye on the BearsHistory.com Facebook page for frequent updates during the morning.

Enjoy the game, and Let’s Go Bears.

2 Responses to “48 Hours to Playoff Football”

  1. The Bears really need to guard against overconfidence in this game. While we and they should be confident going into this game, they still obviously need to go out there and execute a complete game the way they’re capable of for 60 minutes. Just because a lot of media and fans already seem to be penciling in a Packers-Bears NFC Championship game does not give the Bears an automatic W.

    As Roy said, there isn’t any reason to believe we won’t win this game. If that doesn’t happen, something will have gone terribly wrong and there will be no valid excuse. With a defense with many key leaders that have been here before, we need a strong effort there. Although Cutler’s never been here before, Martz has, and more than ever, that experience must play a factor here with the playcalling. Can’t stress enough that Cutler has got to have the mindset that he doesn’t have to be Superman in this game. Establish the run early and move the chains early, and we should be OK.

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