2013 Chicago Bears Draft 6-Pack

Mike Mamula

Mike Mamula, famous 1995 workout warrior.

My six thoughts on the 2013 Chicago Bears draft class:

1. As shocked as I was by the selection of Kyle Long with the 20th pick, I’m warming to the idea. I was initially frustrated because I felt there was a playmaker there (Tyler Eifert) and a good player at a position of need (Desmond Trufant) that would have been a better pick. But Dan Pompei’s article today has helped me along. I do trust that Long may have been gone if the Bears had traded down. And as Pompei writes, he may in the end have the most upside of anyone that was available at the 20th pick. My only concern now is that perhaps Long could have started at left tackle, thus making the signing of Jermon Bushrod overkill.

2. According to Emery, Long’s athletic ability was the reason for drafting a guy that only started four games in college. Reminds me of the Eagles drafting workout freak Mike Mamula in 1995. And of the Bears selecting guys like John Thierry and Marcus Spears in 1994 based on numbers alone. Since then, ratings have seemed to swing back to football skills rather than workout numbers and measurables. I have confidence Long is going to work out–but just saying.

3. A little surprised to see the Bears draft middle linebacker Jon Bostic over Arthur Brown from Kansas State. Brown was a sure tackler and the Bears were very connected to him during the pre-draft process. I obviously have not watched Brown play-but regardless, obviously he is the heir apparent to Brian Urlacher. Time will tell if Brown is closer in talent to Urlacher, Mike Singletary and Dick Butkus, or closer to Barry Minter, Tom Hicks or Waymond Bryant.

4. Speaking of the bluff to be interested in Brown, it seems the Bears are great these days at keeping their draft intentions under wraps. Sure beats the days when the whole world knew the Bears wanted to select Andre Carter (2001), allowing the San Francisco 49ers to leapfrog them and snatch their player.

5. It is somewhat disappointing knowing that the Bears did nothing in the draft to address needs at cornerback and backup quarterback. Hopefully Chicago can do something to lock Tim Jennings in long term, as well as keep Peanut Tillman for another year at least, then take a player in 2014 to groom. At quarterback, looks like Josh McCown is locked in as Jay Cutler‘s backup, God willing that the Bears aren’t thinking of bringing in Tim Tebow. But they’re going to be in a sticky situation in 2014 now if Jay Cutler doesn’t come back, or demands too much money.

6. In 2012, the Bears selected cornerbacks in the sixth and seventh rounds, and neither of them made the team. In 2013 with only five draft picks (six after a seventh-rounder was added via trade), the Bears had to make all of them count. Despite the fact that any players picked after the fifth round are long shots to make the team, I am hoping that Emery’s exhaustive scouting may have found a gem or two in Khaseem Greene (LB), Jordan Mills (OT), Cornelius Washington (DE), and Marquess Wilson (WR). The Wilson pick is intriguing in particular, as many teams may have passed on him after he walked out on his Washington State team.

Here is Profootballtalk’s review of the Bears’ draft. I’d like to hear yours.

4 Responses to “2013 Chicago Bears Draft 6-Pack”

  1. No more John Thierry mentions please, the memories are still too painful. Let’s not jinx the new guy.

    I liked getting 2 OL and 2 LB. Hopefully at least one of each will stick long term.

  2. Agreed Andy!! No more John Thierry talk, noted.

  3. To your points:
    On 1, I wouldn’t be surprised if the long (no pun intended) term plan is for Long to start inside, play him there for awhile until the team gets tired of Bushrod, and then cut/trade Bushrod and move Long outside. That would be really looking ahead, but I could see it.

    On 3, I was really hoping for Arthur Brown too. You see that the Ravens really wanted (and got) him, so I’m betting he’s pretty good. Phil Emery obviously has a great deal of trust in his scouting department, and I will give them some trust too. But still.

    On 5, I’m not super worried about cornerback. The Bears corners are probably worth more to them than other (non-Tampa-2) teams, and there’s always the tag if worse comes to worst. Not so worried about QB either; if I had to choose I think next year’s QB class is likely to be better. I would have loved to add a pick for each, but there’s only so much you can do.

    As for my general review of the draft…I’m okay with it. It really comes down to whether the scouting department is as smart as they think they are. If they’re right, then Long and Bostric should be good players, and this draft will be good. Everyone else we picked is widely regarded as more talented than the pick we spent on them dictates, so I’m happy. There was a decent focus on need and talent, and I think we have a good chance to get good value in this draft (I especially like Marquess Wilson, whose issue I think has a high chance of being a one-time thing).

    If the scouting department is right.

  4. Roy,
    I’m with you, on both rather have seen them take Tyler Eifert there, or go by football skills.. I do like Bostic though.

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