2011 Chicago Bears Season Over

Don’t feel like saying much about this one. As expected, the Bears were throttled 35-21 by the Packers in Lambeau. Chicago is now eliminated from playoff contention after the Bears gave up five passing touchdowns to Aaron Rodgers. It was Rodger’s first five-touchdown game in his career. Go figure.

There were just a few positives. Josh McCown, to me, earned the right for a very close look as the Bears’ backup in 2012. Chicago’s defense shut the Packers down on several drives. Running backs Kahlil Bell and Armondo Allen showed surprising flashes of talent. But in the end, when your offense can’t score, against Rodgers and the Packers, the levee is going to blow at some point. And it did.

It’s depressing as a Bears fan to see how wide the talent disparity is between these two teams. Thanks Jerry Angelo.

I’m not calling for Lovie Smith’s head, especially in this game I believe he did what he could with second and third-stringers at so many positions. And overall, Smith’s run since 2004 has been a lot more entertaining than that of his two predecessors. But I just don’t see how Angelo’s highly questionable record at drafting and building entire position groups such as the offensive line, receivers and safeties can continue.

I thought the window for potential greatness had closed after the 2010 season. Then I was shocked to see that when the Bears got their act together with all of their starters in 2011, they looked like they had a chance. They were hitting on all cylinders.

I think with the proper smart additions in 2012: a competent corner to play across from Charles Tillman, an offensive lineman, an actual NFL receiver, and another defensive end to play across from Julius Peppers, the 2012 Bears might have one more chance if they’re blessed with health.

But if Angelo stays and enters 2012 with the same group of misfits at receiver, offensive line, safety and a pathetic #2 cornerback, it will be time for Bears fans to be really angry.

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  1. In my best Ed O’Bradovich impression ” I’ll tell you what’s wrong? JERRY ANGELO is what’s wrong!!! ” As a proud Bears fan, I’m SICK AND TIRED of all the sugarcoating that has been going on for the past few years. It’s as bad as the Packer defense? REALLY!!!! A championship defense. You have to be kidding me. Our high school offense didn’t look to shabby. and my hand goes out to them for giving more than 100%, especially McCown. If we had Cutler and somewhat of a NFL starting offense playing last night it may have been a different outcome. Don’t get me wrong, the defense needs to step up also. Hands off to the Packer offense. UNREAL!!!! score fast and NOW!!!! Oh !!! Let’s not forget that even the Colts found a way to win a couple of games without Manning. The players are not completely at fault. The Bears organization needs to be gutted from the inside out. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!! does it take losing like this or going into OHS$@T mode to figure this out. Somebody grow a pair. The fighting ILLINI were ranked#18 undefeated @ 6-0, then crumbled to 6-7. They did not hesitate to fire SOMEONE, and they still have a bowl game this year. Just my opinion.

  2. Love your fire and passion, Mikey my friend!

  3. I just read that the Packers head of personnel guy actually coached with Lovie at Tennessee. Now, wouldn’t that be a good hire for GM??? But yeah, my opinion hasn’t changed from last year. I don’t care if Lovie is coach or not. He’s good, but not great. He certainly a hell lot better the last two coaches. But, Angelo? He should’ve been fired three years ago. Yesterday proved this is an offensive league. The Packers defense is not very good, and the Bears moved the ball at will with second and third stringers. But, it didn’t matter. Their offense is that much better. NE has the worst defense in the entire league. Yet, they are on top because their offense is close to unstoppable. With a franchise QB in place, the other pieces shouldn’t be that hard to put together. The fact that Cutler was playing as well as he was with the crap around him, it’s about time they put quality pieces together.

  4. Different sport, same concept. Here’s what has to happen in the offseason, or earlier, but won’t: If George McCaskey is really now going to be calling the shots, he needs to sit down with Rocky Wirtz and John McDonough and say the following:

    “I know as recently as a few years back, you guys as an Original Six, cornerstone franchise in the NHL, were a few steps away from financial ruin and a complete embarrassment on the ice. Then you cleaned house, and you won the cup in one of the best turnaround stories ever in sports history. My organization is an embarrassment too, hasn’t had a clue what to do for decades, and a small market club up the road in Green Bay has been embarrassing us since the mid-90s because they know what they’re doing and we, and in particular for the last 10 years, my GM Jerry Angelo, don’t. Please help me brainstorm for ideas, as I don’t think my family is capable of guidance that makes any sense.”

  5. Grabber, that’s great and all, but if the Bears don’t hire the right person to run their football operations, it won’t matter. The Blackhawks were much different as they weren’t even revelent on the Chicago sports landscape. Whether you believe it or not, people do care about the Bears in this city. And, while it’s hard to believe, they’ve had some moderate success the past few years, and never hit rock bottom. That also can’t be said about the Blackhawks who not only no one knew they they existed, they were flat out God awful. And, let’s not pretend Rocky’s change of direction magically made the Hawks contenders. When Rocky took over, Kane and Toews were about to start their rookie season. They also already had Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, and a host of other young talent who they couldn’t keep because of the salary cap. In short, they finally got hits on their draft picks. This what the Bears need to do. They actually look like they got something in Pea and Chris Conte. It’s a start, at least, but five years too late.

    Rocky’s main success was the fact he knows how to market. Can the Bears do better at marketing? Of course. Personally, I think the team is popular enough, but when has the team hit its peak of popularity? You guessed it, when the team wins.

  6. To note, I should add Rocky dumped Bob Pulford and brought in the Bowmans and Quenneville. So yes, bringing in the right people to run the ship would be ideal. We don’t need the players being in cool commercials or walking on red carpets during the season opener.

  7. @jdm – Fully aware the comparisons are not apples to apples. That’s stating the obvious. I’m making a relevant comparison to situations If you don’t have the right people making the decisions, you will fail-for years now, we haven’t, and the Packers have. Comparing our moderate ‘success’ during a couple of regime changes in GB, and complete overhauls on the defensive for the Packers, for the past 15+ years, is not even a comparison, it’s a complete joke.

    Let’s face reality here, GB has flat out turned us into a laughingstock for years. it’s a simple as that. I am not a season ticket holder, but I can’t imagine the outrage people will have on the day Angelo tells us he is not going to be gracing us with his draft day magic, and instead Ruskell will take that over. If that happens, we are screwed.

  8. Roy, I agree on McCown, I guess what disturbed me the most yesterday was a tired defense. Part of the problem I’m sure is the fact that in the previous 3-4 weeks they have barely gotten off the field, however it’s the age of all the skilled pieces that scares me, Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman. We saw 54 & 55 miss on a Rodgers keep and run where he should have had his block knocked off.. and when Brian went out well, the little we did see of (what I hope is not meant to be) his future replacement wasnt very impressive. With all the woes that need to be addressed in the next draft..WR, OL… I just dont know if a team can acomplish all that, especially if “:you know who” is making the calls.. UGHH…

  9. Well, hiring a new GM is quite obvious. No one is going to argue that. But, I can tell you for a fact John McDonough knows little to nothing about hockey, and the die-hard fans hate his guts. He was hired because he has ties to WGN, and he is marketing guru. He had some to do on the Hawks getting back in the mainstream spotlight. He had little to do with the team itself. The Bears don’t need to be more popular per say. They are already the top draw in the city. So, in short, I wouldn’t consult McDonough, and Rocky is pretty much going to tell you to get the right people to run your football operations. I think we all can say this…

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