2010 Schedule Trepidation

Just looked up the official definition of trepidation so I can get some synonyms, and “agitation” is one of them, so the headline is right on.

I’m expecting for the 2010 schedule to be released in the very near future, hopefully by the end of next week (4/16) at the latest.  Although it could be the following week, prior to the NFL draft.  While I know there is nothing I will be able to do about it if I do feel I got hosed as a Bears fan and season ticket holder, I figured I’d vent my frustration in advance so I could say “told you so.”

My first issue is that the Bears have not opened at home since the 2004 season.  I don’t have the time to look at every other team to see if there’s any other NFL city that hasn’t had the chance to see their team at home on opening day for a five-year stretch, but if the Bears allow the NFL to do this to them for a sixth straight year, I just don’t get it.

Secondly, it seems that more often than not the NFL schedules warmer-city and dome teams with a majority of their games in September in October, while the Bears get stuck with six games in November and December.  Last year was a complete joke.  While I counted teams like Tampa, Miami and Minnesota hosting the majority of their games in the first two months of the season, the Bears had a total of 2 home games before November 1.  I think that’s a joke, frankly.

And it’s not because I’m a (literal) fair weather fan-actually I have grown to love December games.  I had a great time bundling up and attending the 2008 Green Bay Monday Night Football game-the coldest home game in Chicago Bears History.  But at the same time, who doesn’t love opening day in the warm September sun in Chicago?

Finally, I’m just noticing that for the majority of the last decade, the Bears-Packers game in Chicago has been in December.  Not that I have a particular problem with this, but there has to be something “to” this that it’s always in December.  Since the 2002 season, the only exceptions were in 2002 and 2003 when the game was scheduled early on Monday Night Football, due to the anomalies of the Bears playing in Champaign and opening new Soldier Field.

I’d like to know why exactly we see the quirks we do in the schedule.  But above all else NFL, please for God’s sake let the Bears have a couple more games in September and October this year.

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  1. hey about last game of the year bears vs packer home game. opening day bears vs patriots at home honnor 25 anaverty 85 bears season patriots the 85 bears beat them sb Xx how bout that

  2. Sounds good to me Gabriel!

  3. Did you see the rumor on profootballtalk a month or two ago that we are going to open on SNF against the Giants? First game at the new Giants Stadium?…If that’s the case, looks like we are looking at another year of opening on the road.

  4. I think the way it is laid out lately is the way the organization wants it, I mean sure a home opener would be nice, however having home field advantage more during the second half of the year is a huge plus. Not to mention half of our advantage is the winter weather! It would be more effective if the coaching staff could field a team good enough to notice the difference!

  5. Ryan-that would be cool to open on SNF (that would be 3 years in a row). Brigg-good point, having home field in December. And again, it’s not because I can’t handle sitting out in cold weather, I thought the coldest home game in Bears history was awesome. But opening day in the sun is nice too, something we haven’t had since 2002.

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