2010 Chicago Bears

The 2010 Chicago Bears Season kicks off Sunday.  I always have a twinge of regret when training camp starts, because I know summer is drawing to a close.  When the actual regular season starts, summer has drawn to a close, but the dawn of a new season with the “anything can happen” feeling numbs by end-of-summer pain to some degree.

I don’t have the slightest idea what is in store for the 2010 Chicago Bears.  During the offseason I liked the Mike Martz hire, after the organization bumbled through trying to hire four other guys, just like they bumbled through the hiring of Lovie Smith in 2004.  (And Dick Jauron in 1999 for that matter).  I was very optimistic that Martz’ offense will succeed as Jay Cutler is unquestionably the most talented quarterback Martz has coached since Kurt Warner in his prime.

But in the 2010 Chicago Bears preseason, the offensive line was exposed, receivers looked confused, and for the most part the backs didn’t have room to run.  The organization says it was only because the team was cloaking the real offense, but I don’t know that I buy that.

If there’s one thing I do believe, it’s that if the Bears do fail to reach the playoffs in 2010, it will be more due to the defense’s failings than the offense, which has been the same story every year since 2007.   If the defense leads the way to 8-10 or more losses, led by a defensive-minded head coach and a General Manager that has overwhelmingly spent his draft picks on the defensive side of the ball, this organization owes it to its customers to go in a new direction come 2011.

If there is football in 2011-we don’t know that yet.  Last night I watched all of the players walk on the field before the game and point to each other in solidarity for their union.  Funny-I remember watching this same display (although it was a hand shake) on the field prior to the 1982 season opener.  And we all know what that led to.

But for now, I’ll be enjoying opening day 2010, no matter how the season is destined to turn out.  If the Bears tank and finish miserably-profootballtalk.com has them ranked 23rd in the NFL with the potential to finish 1-15-I can’t say I wouldn’t be surprised (at a poor finish that is, NOT 1-15).  On the other hand, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they make the wildcard either.

We shall see, starting Sunday.  Go Bears.

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  1. profootball talk had the bears 11th at the beginning of the 2009 season and the Giants 1st…
    I say this year, the Bears are a wildcard thanks to a strong finish on offense! Well, who knows anyway?

    Go Bears!

  2. Nice win for the Bears today. Who cares that it was against a bad team that didn’t have their QB for most of the game. 1-0 is a lot better than 0-1. And how about Cutler today. A much better start to the season than last year. He looked like he let the game come to him and didn’t force the issue nearly as much as he did last year. I expect big things from him under Martz.

  3. Offense horrible today.Defense was tough. Too many turnovers also. Come on BEARS! You have the talent. Let’s work as a team now.

  4. Lovie has to stop gambling on those 4th downs! Both times, given the situation, it was down right foolish. I was really, really mad at him. If it wasn’t for the referees, his messing around would have cost us the game! I hope he learned the lesson.
    Great game though!

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