2008 NFL Captain Patches

I assume NFL teams will again be wearing Captain Patches during the 2008 regular season as they first did in 2007.  I tried to find out on the Internet but wasn’t able to determine the answer.  Guess we’ll find out Sunday.  I don’t really like them personally, but who am I…

The Bears named their captains over the holiday weekend, and they are Kyle Orton and Olin Kreutz on offense, Brian Urlacher and Mike Brown on defense, and 11-year veteran long snapper Pat Mannelly on special teams.

Other “real” journalists found the irony that Orton replaced Muhsin Muhammad as offensive captain,being that Muhammad had a penchant for throwing his quarterback under the bus, no matter who it was.  What I think is potentially more strange was the distinct possibility that one of their offensive captains will be on the bench by midseason.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Kyle Orton, as much as if vanilla ice cream is all you can get on a hot day, you eat it and like it.  I don’t hope that he’s benched by midseason wearing the C patch.  But it’s a distinct possibility.  Captains are usually longtime entrenched veterans.  If the Bears go 0-6 under Orton, again a distinct possibility, don’t tell me the Bears won’t give Rex a try.  And many NFL teams won’t have one of their offensive captains benched for ineffectiveness.

But then again, most teams haven’t lacked a quarterback since 1950 as the Bears have.

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  1. I was reading Chris Cooley’s (Redskins TE) blog today and one of his entries mentioned that 25% of the guys on the Redskins are white, yet none of the 6 captains were white. It’s interesting to see that 4 of 5 Bears captains are white (if you count Hawaiian as white). No big deal, just something that popped into my head while I was reading.


  2. Wow, looks like you dont know much about the bears 0-6 (possibly), and the fact that Orton is doing a good job. You say that Muhsin Muhammad threw his QB’s under the bus, you did the same thing.

  3. You’re right. I don’t know anything about the Bears. Don’t know what else to say.

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