2008 Chicago Bears Tailgating

Must be June. Offseason team activities are over. Players are headed home and getting arrested, gearing up for training camps starting in just over a month. And time for me to start thinking about Chicago Bears Tailgating 2008. And complaining about Chicago Bears policies regarding tailgating.

As a season ticket holder, I received the annual mailing from Standard Parking regarding official Bears parking for the 2008 season. The process has not changed since the stadium opened in 2003, it still stinks, and they should just leave me off their list from now on.

Why does it stink? Here’s the process. 1. Season ticket holder registers and pays a $15 fee to participate in the parking lottery, paid via credit card. 2. Lottery is held. Those whose name is drawn are charged full price ($450 for the season) for parking in whichever lot/garage they are assigned.

Tailgaters don’t want to park in the underground lots, and I’m sure people that would rather park in the covered garage and not tailgate wouldn’t really want to park in a surface lot around a bunch of drunks. Logical solution would be to hold separate lotteries for underground parking and surface lot parking, correct?

But they don’t do it that way. Why would I even enter this parking lottery when there is probably a greater than 50% chance of not getting a tailgating spot, and my credit card will automatically be charged when I’m “awarded” a garage spot.

Think of these things when you hear the Bears organization talk about how fan-friendly and/or tailgate-friendly they are.

Once again, we’ll be parking in a lot fairly far from the stadium, but much cheaper and not subject to many of the Bears’ rules. I’d love to be able to park nice and close to the stadium, but that’s not happening until this policy changes.

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  1. Never been to a game before, but got tickets to surprise my husband for his b-day. I planned on tailgating, but all I’ve read are bad reviews. Which stadium do you usually tailgate at, and do you have to pre-purchase the passes? Is there a shuttle bus that takes you to the game? any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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