2008 Chicago Bears Draft

I won’t be posting a mock or a position-by-position analysis of every potential pick the Bears could make in next week’s NFL draft. I love draft day and am wildly interested in it, but there are 18.5 million other websites that cover this in more detail than I can. Seems like every year I have another commitment on draft day, and wouldn’t you know I have a friend that chose to get married on this day. How could he?

While I will post a little more on the subject next week, one thing I definitely have today is I concur with Dan Pompei. A while back, Dan wrote that offensive linemen are safe draft picks. Today he writes the 2007running back class is deep.

Highly-drafted offensive linemen are overwhelmingly safe draft picks (see Jim Covert, Keith VanHorne, Marc Colombo (hey he was injured and is now solid)).

(Stan Thomas has an asterisk. He was a first-round pick by the Bears only because Mike McCaskey intervened and proclaimed he had to take “the last of the big men.” This came directly from Mike Ditka’s mouth).

O-linemen drafted in later rounds are a little riskier (Bernard Robertson, Terrence Metcalf, Chris Dyko and Dave Zawatson if you want to go back that far).

Highly-drafted running backs are often hit-or-miss (see Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis, our friend Cedric).

Running backs taken later can be very productive (Willie Parker, Steven Davis, Terrell Davis, Ahman Green, the list goes on).

Conclusion? Take the offensive lineman.

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