2007 Chicago Bears Football!

Here’s what I’m looking for tonight:

No injuries.? I don’t care if the starters don’t play a single series, that would be better than a critical injury in the preseason.

Adam Archuleta.? Is he washed up and overrated as the Redskins would claim, or was the problem with Washington, and not the player?

Kyle Orton, Brian Griese and Chris Leak.? Does?Orton really look like a different quarterback?? Is Griese really looking as bad as has been said?? How about Chris Leak?? Let’s see if he’ll at least make the practice squad.

Jamar Williams and Michael Okwo.? Williams will be starting in the middle, and Okwo will get some time.? Hopefully there will be some flashes from one of these guys that will be replacing Lance Briggs in 2008.

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  1. What I was looking for tonight was YOU coming over! I’m just kidding. I’ll be happy to have you over next Monday when the Bears look for revenge on the Colts in a game that means absolutely nothing.

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