1995 Chicago Bears

In 1995 the Chicago Bears’ head coach was Dave Wannstedt.  The offensive coordinator was Ron Turner, and offensive line coach was Tony Wise.  If we listened to Wannstedt anyway, Wise was an offensive line guru, much as Mike Tice is touted these days.

So who would you rather have?  Wanny, Turner and Wise, or the current crew of Lovie Smith, Mike Martz and Tice?

The latter, of course, but consider this.  Know how many sacks the 1995 Chicago Bears offensive line allowed in 16 games?  I know you can look the answer up, so I’ll remind you the answer is 15.  In 16 games.  In two games, the 2011 Chicago Bears have allowed 11 sacks.  No wonder Jay Cutler isn’t sure if he can last the season taking this beating.

I realize it’s not a completely apples-to-apples comparison.  Martz’ offense features deep drops by the quarterback while Turner’s is the exact opposite.

But in the end, if your team’s franchise quarterback gets killed, what does it matter?  The result is the same.  Jim Miller, Chris Chandler, Rex Grossman, Jim McMahon (I can keep going) would be dead after two games in this system behind this offensive line.

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  1. The thing is, Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger had a HOF LT when they played in Martz’s offense. And, they still got killed. Look at Warner, after numerous beatings, he looked washed up. It took him five years to finally get back on track. The only reason he got that chance because Matt Leinart sucked really bad. In KC, they ran the same offense. They had Willie Roaf and for a time, John Tait as their tackles. Trent Green still got hit a lot, and the shots to the head finally took its toll. Now, I realize the Bears offensive line isn’t very good, but no matter how good the line is, the QB is still going to get hit. If the QB still got hit a lot with a good OL, it’s going to be worse now. There is no excuse not to run the offense we saw in the second half last season. Because, well, it worked.

  2. Great post JDM. What good is the Martz offense if it only works with a HOF left tackle and also gets your QB killed?

  3. If we lose Sunday and start 1-2, we’re definitely not winning the division and will certainly have an uphill battle over not just the Packers but also the Lions just to get in the playoffs. Looking at things from a little different perspective, Lions are looking like they’re poised to leapfrog past us and while it’s very early, certainly look like they have their act together, and right now it’s hard to dispute that. It’s also very true everyone in the national media is fully strapped in on the bandwagon. Yes, everything obviously hinges on Stafford’s ability to prove he can remain injury free, but I also saw a stat the other day that through two games he has not yet been sacked and he has about the same #of dropbacks as Cutler. I don’t know the specifics of how the Lions have assembled their Oline, but they are obviously in better shape than us and also have what many believe is one of the top DLines in the league.

  4. Not sure if you remember, but a few years back, Martz name was thrown around. I was completely against the hiring, and he was the one guy I didn’t want during their OC search. However, I still gave it a chance. Things looked good the first three weeks last year, and I liked the adjustments that were made on the fly. Then, we saw the rest of the games that led to the bye week. He tried to run the offense that simply doesn’t work with the players he has. When he was forced to change things up, the offense was much more productive. Not just more running plays. But, shorter drops, quicker releases, and Cutler rolling out. They still did the longer drops, but they worked more often because it wasn’t obvious. Martz certainly seems like he is more than capable of making things work. Why he goes away from it is beyond me. His NFL life is on the line.

  5. The guy Martz is addicted to the deep-drop passing. And his confidence in his system prevailing seemed again unshakable, however horrible the players perform. Cutler sucked too: nonsense intentional grounding, throwing awkwardly, paying no attention to the defense line-up although having been there before – something was not right in his mind.
    After what Cutler said, I’m convinced that Martz will be forced to draw the right conclusions and that we are back to a real “balanced” (not “balanced” Martz-style) and less caricatural play-calling.
    I hope this is one of the two or three, not more, disgusting games Lovie serves us every season.

  6. I’m sick of hearing how good Tice is as an o-line coach. I know he doesn’t have much to work with but he’s supposed to make these guys better than they are. If it’s a flawed system (Martz) then that’s one thing, but to have given up the most sacks in the NFL after 2 games…that’s just atrocious.

  7. I thought Lovie Smith goal was to beat the packers. Fire him and Martz NOW!

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