Yes, Wheels are coming off

I mentioned yesterday that “what goes up must come down”, which always seems to be true for the Chicago Bears. At least this time we were blessed with two great seasons in a row; in the post-Ditka era it’s usually playoffs followed by five years of frustration.

What makes it more frustrating, though, is to see teams like New England, Pittsburgh and yes, the Packers, remain consistently good for a LONG time. Of course this is a result of finding superstars in at least one or two key positions (Tom Brady, Brett Favre) and keeping them there for a long time. The Bears have gotten good, but have not been able to find a star at any key offensive position to keep them consistently good.

More on the Packers tomorrow.

Brad Biggs says the wheels have definitely come off the 2007 Bears.

Here are his game notes.

Cedric Benson isn’t getting it done.

Please, someone wipe the Packer slobber off the face of whomever wrote this article.

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