Wow. 97 yards to go, under two minutes to go, no timeouts, Bears win. HUH?

Like Rick Telander, I’m not only happy about the switch to Brian Griese to quarterback, but am also wondering what might have happened had they gone to him prior to the Rams game in December, as the coaches were thinking of doing. I realize, Rex Grossman did win two playoff games and maybe Griese wouldn’t have, but one can’t help but wonder if the Super Bowl might have gone differently without Rex’s costly interceptions.

3-4, still in a hole and looking up at the formerly laughable Packers and Lions. But 3-4 is a hell of a lot better than 2-5.

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  1. Not changing Qbs last season was the right move. Of course, in the words of Wanny, it was a no brainer this season. Griese certainly can run a two mintute drill well and has pretty good pocket presence. Let’s not also forget he is as capable as having games against DET as he is capable of having a good game like yesterday. He’s been like that his whole career. He also doesn’t have the best arm in the world. He’s ok throwing down the middle, but the sideline throws don’t have the best zip on them. Yesterday was by far his best game as a Bear. Let’s see if it continues.

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