Wrist Surgery for Urlacher

WSCR is reporting that Brian Urlacher will have wrist surgery this week and will miss “significant” time this season.  It is also being reported that strongside linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa will miss 3-6 weeks with his knee injury.

Wow.  Not good.

I was impressed at how the defense continued to shut down the Packers-a dynasty in the making based on their preseason performance according to Michael Irvin-even after Urlacher and Tinoisamoa went down.  That was heartening.

However…especially with how disappointed we’ve all been about Urlacher’s diminished play in 2007/2008, he still brings a presence to the defense that will not be felt if he’s out.  I have a feeling we’re going to long for a diminished Urlacher with a back injury over Hunter Hillenmeyer as our year-long starter.  Anyone remember 2004 when Urlacher missed significant time?

These are the breaks, plain and simple.  This stuff happens, and good teams rebound regardless of injuries.  Time will tell how the Bears rebound in 2009.

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  1. I agree with you about being impressed with the backup LB’s. They did a great job of containing and doing what they’re paid to do. I’m getting a real kick out of the mob mentality that is coming out today about Cutler. This is his MO, this is exactly what he did in Denver. It was no secret that he’s a hot-head and has a penchant for a bad game at times. Everyone is acting surprised, if you didn’t know what we were getting you’re either a total homer or a bandwagon fan. The performance last night wasn’t all that bad. If you take the interceptions away GB wasn’t even in the game. Rodgers got worked, and their two big play wide receivers were basically a non- factor save the last play of the game, all thanks to a secondary that everyone thought would get torched by the preseason juggernaut that is GB (lol at people who base teams off preseason). I come away from the game disappointed but still feeling promise for the rest of the season. All of you guys bitching about the coaching staff are either young newer fans, or you know nothing about the game. Key injuries and the timing miscues of a brand new offense are at work here, not bad coaching. The only member of the staff I would even consider questioning would be in the strength and conditioning department, it seems to me that since Rusty’s been here we’ve had a lot more injuries. But that may just be me. At any rate I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Bear Down!

    P.S. Michael Irvin is either still on coke or living in some type of fantasy land.

  2. brad i like the way you think

  3. Ditto that Brad. I don’t have the time to go to all the sites and see what people are saying, but they’re completely nuts if they hate Cutler now. He is the best quarterback the Bears have had in our lifetimes-period. We saw the best and worst of him last night, and I think that usually we’re just going to see the best of him. And remember, at least 2 of the 4 picks were his inexperienced receivers’ fault!

  4. Roy, I did see Knox cut the other way on one his throws, but what was the other one?

  5. Knox cut the other way because Cutler come back that way–it was what Knox should have done and Cutler threw a very bad pass. No excuses for this game–Cutler flat out sucked, guys. That said, I know he’s a great QB and we’ll hear a lot less bitchin’ as the season unfolds and he racks up the good numbers and (hopefully) wins.

    Oh crap — just reported Urlacher out for the year.

  6. Tribune is reporting that Urlacher is likely out for the season.

  7. In addition to the Trib, ESPN and a couple other outlets are now reporting that Urlacher’s season is over.

  8. It is now up to Hunter Hillenmeyer.
    God help us.

  9. The receivers and Cutler will get their chemistry down – not too worried about that.

    Certainly the receivers made a few mistakes with their routes, but Cutler made some lousy decisions also. Even if one or two of the interceptions were avoided by better plays by receivers, there were easily one or two dropped interceptions where Cutler threw into coverage.

    These are correctable on both Cutler’s side and the receivers’ side. We’ll see if they are corrected.

    Hopefully Urlacher will be able to make it back late in the season – if not, at least the Bears have depth at the position and Pisa should be able to return in a few weeks.

  10. Sounds like the Bears may have contacted Derrick Brooks. That would be…… interesting.

  11. Yes, but Brooks played Weakside Linebacker for Tampa….I’m thinking maybe Briggs should move to MLB and Brooks plays weakside then. Roach and Jamar Williams can play strongside until Pisa T gets back (Hes out for 3-6 weeks I believe).

  12. Scott: It sounds like that’s what the plan is. Briggs goes to the Mike and Brooks moves into the Will spot. I want to say they’ve tried Briggs in the middle a few times and it didn’t go so well, but I can’t remember for sure. Getting Tinoisamoa back will be key, he seems to have the sideline to sideline and closing speed that Urlacher used to have. I really hope this shakes out, another option would be Zack Thomas but it’s always dicey bringing in the older guys. You never know how much gas is left in the tank.

  13. Brooks, sure, Zack Thomas…no thanks. Yeah this season is far from over, it will be interesting to see how this week (or even the next few hours) shakes out.

  14. Bears should look at Matt Wilhelm, Bo Ruud, or Buster Davis to help out. I think all three are free agents and do have some NFL experience……Go Bears!!!!

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