Wright’s Turn?

In 2005 it became a Lovie Smith tradition to start a rookie safety.  That year, Chris Harris broke into the starting lineup.  In 2006, it was Danieal Manning, then Kevin Payne the next year (the plan anyway, until his injury), and Al Afalava in 2009.  It’s looking like sooner rather than later, Major Wright will be the next edition.

Rookie or not, I’m just finally looking for stability at the position.  How I long for Mike Brown and Tony Parrish, Shaun Gayle and Mark Carrier, or Dave Duerson and Gary Fencik.

3 Responses to “Wright’s Turn?”

  1. Oh yeah some good Hittin’! Carrier-style. I remember him in the probowl ’93, knocking off a receiver; or was it a fellow DB or both of them? Yep, that was a player I really liked. Plus 10 ints as a rookie? if the rest of the defense can make Wright be like Carrier as a rookie …

  2. Kevin Payne didnt actually start as a rookie. He was injured in Week 4 of the 2007 season for the year then started in 2008.

  3. You’re right Scott, I read an article that was wrong and took the words of the “experts” in the media :).

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