Winding Down

Wow, what a season. What a disappointing season, that would have been a HELL of a lot worse were it not for two wins over the Packers. I know the real media will call me just another dope fan for being happy with two wins over Green Bay, but I am.

About two more days of documenting this season, then even though this is a Chicago Bears DAILY Blog, I will be taking a much-needed break to pay some attention to family and emotional recovery from this disappointing Bears season. I hate blogs that lie dormant-this will not be one of those-but through March this may be a monthly blog, then weekly through free agency, the draft, and the summer.

During this season of thanks, I thank all of you that have been reading and commenting, I really do!

On Monday, Mike Mulligan wrote that Jerry Angelo admits an offensive overhaul will be needed this offseason. My, oh my, how that meshes with Lovie Smith saying the Bears were “close” this year, and only a little tinkering is needed. That’s already my quote of the year for 2007.

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