Will They or Won’t They?

Go all out to beat the Packers on Sunday, that is?  While they Bears are saying they will play the game as normal with all starters, I don’t believe they will.  Despite the fact that history has proven it’s better to play the game as a regular game, even though the Bears have nothing to play for.

I don’t think there’s any chance the Bears play this as a regular game.  Maybe they will play the starters at the beginning.  But even if they do this, I think that once Green Bay builds a 10-point lead, Jay Cutler and company are out of the game.

And I certainly hope it doesn’t have playoff ramifications, as we all saw what happened in 2005.

Welcome to the playoffs, Packers.  It would be ironic, and scary, if Green Bay does tear through the first two rounds and ends up coming to Chicago for the NFC Championship.  (Granted the Bears would have to win in the divisional round for this to happen, NOT a given).

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  1. (the other) jeff on December 30th, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Hey Roy — Did I see you about 1:00 into the 3rd quarter in the stands at the jet game? Anyway, yeah, 2005 is a bad precedent for laying down to rest starters in the final game. It’s still a tough call though. Would love to ruin the Packer’s season on Sunday; would probably love it more though to ruin it at home at the NFC Championship game a few weeks later …

  2. Hey Jeff…good to hear from you. I don’t have the game recorded, but I doubt you saw me for a couple reasons. First, the TV cameras never get up to my section-haven’t seen it happen in 7 years in the new stadium. I also believe that I didn’t get back from the bathroom until a few minutes into the 3rd quarter…one of the joys of being at the game. I had my russian-style Bears tundra hat on, I’d bet whoever you saw wasn’t wearing one of those. Thanks for thinking of me though!

  3. William Shatner's Manzierre on December 30th, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    I think it would be good for the fans to see both sides play each other at full force. However, I can understand if Lovie only plays the starters for one half. Hopefully, Knox and Forte will receive a chance to eclipse 1000 yards.

  4. Ha! No, it wasn’t you then, Roy.

  5. I don’t know… I think there’s a decent chance Packers can get shut out of the playoffs, even with the Giants playing so terribly. I think that’s plenty of motivation right there for any Bears player or even Lovie.

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