Will Rashied Davis Make the Cut?

Mike Mulligan of the Sun Times thinks he should.  As I’ve said before, Davis dropped way to many critical, catchable passes in 2007 and 2008.  What do you think?

I say with so much potential in the other young guys, give one of them a shot.  We’ve seen some good play from Davis, and plenty of bad in 2008.

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  1. I say he should make the team. The guy was an Arena Football League MVP I believe, right? True he dropped a lot of good balls the past couple of years, and some of them were brutally bad drops, but before that he was a solid slot WR and has shown some flashes of being that guy again. If he can get back to form he’d be a good piece of the puzzle, and if not then the Bears cut him loose next year. Davis knows the system, the Bears know what he’s capable of…he’s a safer bet right now. The problem comes when trying to decide who to drop while keeping Davis. If the Bears keep 6 WR’s then it’s between DA and Davis. If they keep 5 then it’s between Rideau (who’s been in this system for a few years too) and Davis with DA going to the practice squad. I can see the 6 scenario with DA going down to the practice sqad, just like Rideau has the past few years with this the final WR lineup: Hester, Bennett, Rideau Iglesias, Knox, and Davis.

  2. I think Davis and Knox are out. Knox because his routes and his hands haven’t shown much yet. Davis because he’s smaller, not particularly useful in special teams and heavily burdened by last year’s baggage. Hester, Bennett, Rideau, Iglesias and Aromashadu.

    By the way, I think Jason Davis needs to be cut and I have no use for Garrett Wolfe whatsoever. He might be the most easily tackled player in the NFL. I desperately hope they keep AP over Wolfe.

  3. Cut Davis. Rash is as good as he’ll ever be. Every other reciever on the roster has upside, and Davis does not. He is what his is.

  4. they mentioned this on “chalk talk” on the bears website and they mentioned that special teams play for the 4th and 5th wideouts spots will play very heavy into the decsion on what players to keep. they mentioned that davis is a good special team player.

  5. Jay Cutler has pretty much decided who he wants as his receivers.
    He has totally overlooked Rashied Davis through camp and the preseason and for good reason.
    Davis is mediocre at best. Yes, he was a feel-good story during the 2006 Super Bowl campaign. That was then and this is now. We have an absolute stud under center and we need to surround him with talent. It is not enough to be a huge contributor on special teams. We need to grab the best talent and MAKE THEM perform 100% on special teams.
    There comes a time when you have to look at upside and a couple of receivers that have a lot more upside are Johnny Knox and Brandon Rideau. Devin Aromashdu is also a no-brainer to make the team. Carry only two quarterbacks, dispose of Garrett Wolfe if you have to make room, but do not sell the farm to get Cutler only to leave him in the lurch with subpar receiving corps.
    The Bears gave up a lot to get Cutler. Cutler is the franchise now.
    Let him dictate who his receivers will be and it is quite apparent that Rashied Davis is not in the equation.

  6. The staff is probably making the other receivers believe they are going to keep Rashied Davis because of his special team play to motivate them to produce more on special team and get more from them. Or maybe Rashied’s role is like kind of a mentor to them. Hmm, they will probably cut him in the next few days when his role model is over.
    Or, simply, Rashied Davis is related to the Mc Caskey family; hence his being part of the roster.

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