What’s the Problem with Bears Receivers Again?

The headline is partially facetious.  The media at the same time has been stressing the fact that the Bears will fail in 2009 because they have no proven receivers, while at the same time jumping on daily strong performances from….Bears receivers.

First it was Earl Bennett.  Then Brandon Rideau came out of nowhere to shock the town.  Today it was Devin Aromashodu.

Personally, I have thought since Jay Cutler was acquired that he will make whatever receivers he has much better than they were under any other Bears quarterback, much as Brett Favre made some pretty pedestrian talent around him into Pro Bowlers.  It remains to be seen, but I have hope.

In other news, according to Brad Biggs, defensive line coach Rod Marinelli is singing praises of Mark Anderson.  Let’s hope this keeps up.

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  1. Marinelli also told us that Tommie Harris is healthy…WHOOPSIES!!! :)

    Agreed, Cutler makes WR’s better. Let’s hope anyways.

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