What I’ll Be Doing Come Playoffs

Tuesday’s post comes late Monday night. I’ll speak a little this week on how the Packer game is our Super Bowl, but I don’t expect that the 2007 Bears will win. I expect they’ll finish the season 5-11.

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine. This friend is a lifelong Cubs and Bears fan, raised in a family of White Sox/Bears fans. For some reason he became a Cub fan, bearing with approximately 31 years of Cubs futility. From Lee Elia’s meltdown, to Leon Durham’s ground ball gaffe, to Steve Bartman, to the trials and tribulations of the 2007 season, he was there. On October 7, 2007, after the Arizona Diamondbacks’ three-game sweep of the Cubs, after measuring his blood pressure at 145/90, this friend vows he has forsaken the Cubs for the new hobby of coin collecting.

I was spoiled in 2005 and 2006 to see my Chicago Bears in back-to-back home playoff seasons for the first time since 1990-1991. Now that the Bears are officially eliminated from the playoffs (or are they Lovie?), I’ll need to find something else to do in January. I could care less about the NFL playoffs when my Bears are out, especially when the Packers are in. Super Bowl Sunday was not a holiday for me from my birth in 1971 to 1984, and from 1986 to 2005. It won’t be again in 2007.

So, following my friend’s lead in taking up a new hobby, I’ve decided that I will get back into my old hobby of wargaming. A hobby that was all the rage before the computer age, but is now all but extinct. As a geeky high schooler, I purchased a lot of wargames but didn’t have the patience, time or maturity to learn how to play them. Now with January in Chicago back to normal (meaning no playoffs for the Bears, as has been the case in 24 of the 37 seasons in the modern era), I’m going to revisit my old hobby.

For some unbelievable reason, I kept all 4 of my Third World War series games intact from the late 1980′s. Would you believe these games are going for around $60 each used these days? I knew someday I’d want to revisit these. Very cool.

Anyway, here’s a photo of my first trial run. I have a ridiculous 1991 photo of Brett Favre surrounded in southern West Germany, south of Nurnberg, by a combined Warsaw Pact army and the Big Red One. He’s surrounded, with neutral Austria to his south, but I think Favre is still going to throw for 5 touchdowns against the Bears. Along with his interesting male admirer on his bed.

Favre Surrounded!

Wait, maybe I still do have football on my mind?

Note: I have faith that my friend is speaking in jest about giving up his loyalty to the team of his birth. And I have hope that over the next couple years I won’t have to replace my loyalty to the Bears with fulltime wargaming. Anyway, I’d have to redecorate the basement.

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  1. >I could care less about the NFL playoffs when my Bears are out, especially when the Packers are in.

    Only fun thing will be watching the Packers get knocked out of the playoffs.

    Tonights game just confirmed how bad the Bears offense is. It’s not just one position, but the whole offense. It was sad to watch because even with a halftime lead you knew they would loose the game. Wish I didn’t have tickets to next weeks game…waste of money.

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