What About Zach Bowman?

Good news, yesterday the Chicago Bears sent an undisclosed 2009 draft pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for fourth-year guard Dan Buenning.  The lineman had a stellar rookie season in 2005, blew out his ACL in 2006, and didn’t play in a game last year.  Sounds like he wasn’t yet recovered and mirrors the situation in which the Bears lost tackle Marc Colombo, now a third-year starter for the Cowboys.

This is good news.

But what I can’t figure out is that the Bears cut rookie cornerback Zach Bowman to clear room for Buenning.  Of course I wasn’t evaluating Bowman on every play in training camp and preseason games, but Bowman was touted by the Bears as possibly the steal of the 2008 draft in the fifth round.  They stated that Bowman had all the tools to have been a first-round pick but for a knee injury in college.  Now they deemed him the worst player to have made the 2008 roster, and he’s gone.

Am I missing something on Bowman?  Did anyone else notice him looking terrible in the preseason?  Hope the Bears don’t regret the move.  Either that, or it was all smoke and PR mirrors after the draft.

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  1. Yeah, all you heard out of everyone was how good he was, and if he is that good, why don’t you kick someone off of the practice squad and give him a spot? He could make the full roster two days ago, but now he can’t make the practice squad? I think this Dan Buenning sounds like a good pick up, and if he can prove that the knee injury is behind him then he might just be starting soon.

  2. Dude…Zack Bowman made the team but the Chicago Bears first round pick is out for the season and they didn’t want anyone to know what bad choice they made. As for Zack Bowman, he heading to the Patriots. The team who he was suppose to go to. One question for the Bears, if you didn’t want Bowman why are you trying to stop other teams from picking him up?

  3. Actually, the Bears signed him to the practice squad yesterday after I made my comment, which means he cleared waivers, which means no other team made a move to pick him up. Chris Williams is on the roster, and should be able to play by late November.

  4. zack senior what do you think signed the flying mexican

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