Wednesday One-Liners

Now that Donovan McNabb is playing his worst, Jay Mariotti wants him on the Bears?

Mike Mulligan tries to find explanations for Moose Muhammad’s drop in production.

Tank Johnson signs with Dallas
the week before their game with the Bears. Good for them.

Lovie didn’t say “Rex is our quarterback” when talking about the player’s latest questionable performance.

More fluff on Tony Romo, who I hope will be exposed greatly Sunday night. I liked Romo coming out of Eastern Illinois, and had hoped the Bears would take a chance on him. But the love-fest is just too much.

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  1. Mariotti is an idiot. Here is the bottom line. The Bears need to get great QB play in order to win the Super Bowl. Rex offers the most promise – but it clearly is unrealized.

    Folks who want to give up on Rex and put Griese out there are just fooling themselves in my opinion. If Griese was so great, why isn’t he still the QB in Denver, Miami, or Tampa? He is a solid backup. Let’s say that Griese gets in and sucks. Then what? Orton? What if he sucks? Back to Rex?

    What if Urlacher and Briggs go down and Devin Hester gets hurt. The Bears all of a sudden need to put up huge points to win games. Griese is going to do that for us? Orton?

    For more than 2 decades the Bears have been playing musical chairs at QB. How many Super Bowls have we won during that time. If Rex does not improve and we are 10 games into the season, then it is time to look at other options. But, Jeez, the guy played some huge games last year – especially in the second half against Tampa and St. Louis when the Bears D looked downright bad, and in the playoffs against Seattle and New Orleans to get the Bears to the Super Bowl. People need to get a little perspective.

  2. Great comment Rob, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The offense is still pretty crummy and simply changing the QB won’t solve it. The whole offensive unit has to do a better job in executing plays and recognizing defensive schemes. Sure, Rex is part of the problem, but he can be part of the solution just like the rest of the offense. Rex needs to play smarter and react quicker, just as the linemen have to protect better and create consistent holes for the running game, A solid running game can make a QB look great and I think as soon as Cedric gets it going, the passing game will improve as well. They’ll all have their work cut out for them Sunday night against those Cowboys, that’s for sure.

  4. 10 games, rob? Let’s say the Bears are 1-9, wouldn’t you have changed the QB after at least the 4th loss in a row? what about 4-6? 5-5? I think 10 games is really too late to make a change. Rex may not lose games most of the time (thank GOD for that defense), but he has rarely been winning them either. I wouldn’t hesitate to pull him after week 4 if he doesn’t improve and his QB rating averages to about 35. Then you KNOW it’s him and a change is desperately needed. No one is saying Griese is great, but then again, I don’t hear anyone saying how great Rex is, either. We’ve seen plenty of Rex, maybe we should at least find out what Griese is actually capable of before the season is lost?

  5. Obviously if Rex is throwing 4 interceptions a game and they lose the next two or three then we are talking about a completely different situation.

    However, the idea that Griese is a significant upgrade over Rex is just preposterous. Rex has far more upside and has demonstrated it on the field. He simply needs to cut down on the mistakes. We’ll see if he can do that.

    People forget that after Tommie Harris and Mike Brown went down last year, the D was nowhere near as good as it had been. If Rex doesn’t have the solid to big games that he had in the second half of the season against the N.Y. Giants, St. Louis, Tampa, and Detroit, the Bears likely could have lost. Those teams scored 20, 27, 31, and 21 respectively.

    Rex was solid against Seattle and New Orleans – in fact he made a number of huge plays at the right time. He was a big reason why the Bears made the Super Bowl. To deny that is to deny reality.

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