Wednesday Good Reads

“Cutler’s development under Martz is what makes the Bears a dangerous team in the NFC in the race to the postseason,” writes Brad Biggs.¬† Who would have thought we may have read something like that?

Matt Bowen warns the Bears not to look past the Lions. And I agree, these are the games that scare me the most.

And once again, no surprise, Solider Field is currently being re-sodded.

One Response to “Wednesday Good Reads”

  1. I don’t understand how resodding will improve conditions at this point. It’s currently 63 degrees F outside …oh wait that’s here in Tampa….it’s currenlty 25 degrees outside and there’s no way that grass is going to root into the ground properly any time before May or June. I’m all for the crappy sod, it was the 12th man on both offense and defense for the Bears last Sunday.

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