Wednesday Bloggings

I don’t get a chance to watch much network television with everything I do: demanding job, family, writing about Henry Burris….? My TV watching is limited mostly to Bears, Cubs, and the Simpsons.? But I’ll admit the one network show I’ve watched consistently since 2000 is Survivor on CBS.? I don’t know why.? Anyway, I had no clue that former Survivor contestant and winner Danni Boatwright married Chiefs, and former Bears, center Casey Wiegmann.? It all makes so much sense, she wore a Chiefs hat throughout the show, little did we know she was angling to marry a Chief and have his child soon.? Funny.

In the article linked above, Mike Mulligan talks about Bear center Olin Kreutz’s admiration of Wiegmann.? I got a chance to talk to Kreutz during his rookie training camp in Platteville, WI, and can confirm that.? We were excited to have a highly-touted player in camp (that didn’t happen too much in those days) and asked him when he expected to hit the field.? He raved about Wiegmann and didn’t think he’d ever unseat the incumbent.? As Kreutz says in the article, it came down to him being the draft pick.? And it looks like it worked out in the end for both the Bears and Chiefs as well as both players.

Brad Biggs talks about the replacements for the injured Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek.? As David Haugh explained yesterday, Dvoracek’s loss doesn’t sting that much, given he did develop early and wasn’t really counted on with Darwin Walker waiting in the wings.? But I personally will miss his motor and drive.

Today David Haugh explains that it may not be a bad idea to give Adrian Peterson more of a shot to carry the load.? But fans, if the Bears relegate the $38 million man (Benson) to the backup role, we’re in deep trouble.

Finally, NFL writer Dan Pompei talks about Chief running back Larry Johnson, who hopefully will take some extreme punishment this Sunday.

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