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  1. This artcil is the best artcil that I have read I just wich that he was still hear

  2. after watching and listen to him every chance i got he made me the man that i am,when he was born a star did shine,when i think of him i cry but become stronger.was like moses when he talked people listen,when he walked people watched and when he ran every one stuid up.if he was a policeman we still wouldnt have any crime a man with grace in his heart.GOD,JESUS,HOLYSPIRT,NOA,MOSES,ABRAHAM,MARTIN,JFK,MALCOM,WALTER,ALI,TDJAKES,OBAMA.KING OF KINGS I thank god for these great men.

  3. he is and eill alwas be hes in our hearts and mind just be sweet

  4. this some old boolshit.

  5. i enjoyed reading the story. walter was a great player but a even better person.he will always be missed.

  6. Walter Payton is simply and heroically the game changer to the NFl

  7. I AM A HUUUUUGGGGGEEE BEARS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALTER PAYTON IS AND WILL ALWYAS BE THE BEST PLAYER ON THE BEARS!!!!!!!! R.I.P WLTER PAYTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOOOOOOOOOO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. walter is a beast!!!!!!!!

  9. my son ask me one time was he that good? the only thing i could think of too say was, no….he was great! on and of the field, and that’s why they called him SWEETNESS! GOOOOOOOOOO BEARS!!!!!!!

  10. I moved back east to Balto/DC in 76 after almost 4 years living in Chicago. It had been tough for me there , personally. My girlfriend and I had split and she went back to DC. I did not know it but today they would diagnose me as depressed. Bears were terrible. Tickets could be got game day at discounts. Sayers was gone and Payton was not mature yet.

    I returned east and within 2 years had turned into the Bears biggest fan east of the Appalachins. Payton was remarkable, He had grace, strength and speed. Seldom does a running back have all three. LT for example has grace and speed. Jim Brown had strngth and some speed, Sayers had all three but not to the degree Walter did.For my money the best RB of all time. He better be in NFL Network Top 10 or there is something wrong.Payton was to RB what Joe Montana or Sammy Baugh was to QB.The best.

    What a loss to the world when he died. A great player …a good man. How many good men are great as welll and the reverse? Not many.

  11. Hello, I am currently working on a paper for my english clas, on walter payton this was a HUGE help to me. Seldom do you ever see a website this helpfull. Thank You.

  12. Marianne Rankin on October 8th, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I was raised in COLUMBIA, MISSISSIPPI. Walters’ mother worked as a maid for my grandparents, H.L Rankins (Citizens Bank). (Mrs. P. made THE worlds BEST Caramel icing & ‘Angel Biscuts’, both from scrach. My grands AND my daddy loved her, as I did ALSO. Walter WAS originally from COLUMBIA.The CHS football field has a stature of him. Walter GRAUATED COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL. We are proud of HIM as a PERSON, he was a gentle man & a gentleman. Mississippi is NOT such a backwood & racist state as people think. Just ask. We have WONDERFUL MEN (& women)who HAVE MADE US PROUD. \


  13. Marianne Rankin on October 8th, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Please excuse the mark @ the end. I just get upset when credit is not given where credit is due. He came from a hard-working family & had more manners & caring in his SOUL than most people even TRY to have. This state & OUR hometown are PROUD of him. I also misspelled scratch. (Typing with a faded keyboard & a blind eye (idiopathic brain aneurysm 2005 Marianne

  14. There is a really good book “Sweetness” written by him. If you want to get a good preview on it and other audio books with a games theme listen to the This is not only for sports books, but all sorts of books, thrillers, spies, romances etc. Each week Elaine Charles has a theme and this week it is the game.

  15. is this original?

  16. I really liked your article. While watching a football game, I saw a commercial where a boy was asked who his favorite football player was. I thought about that and asked myself who my favorite football player is. It is Walter Payton. I loved to watch him play and he was one of the most decent human beings who ever lived.

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