Wacking Day

I was very much otherwise detained today, so I didn’t hear until 9 p.m. that I missed the biggest day of news since the end of the 2007 Chicago Bears season.

Alex Brown extended 2 years: That’s good news to me. A year ago right now Brown was mad at being benched for Mark Anderson, and responded by having a monster final month of the season. Hopefully the Bears have seen their error and will put Brown back where he belongs at the starting RDE spot.

Muhsin Muhammad released: Set to make $2 million this season after a large dropoff in production in 2007, the move was obvious. Muhammad did bring a legitimate big-play reputation with him to the Bears in 2005, but it never truly materialized.

Darwin Walker released (option declined, however you want to look at it): Did Walker just have a miserable one season, or is he a mirage? Probably another team’s problem to figure out at this point. The trade of a fifth-round pick for Walker looked like a steal for Jerry Angelo last July. Later the repercussions of the trade would be felt-not only was the trade a failure, but feeling he needed to get that fifth-round pick back, Angelo later shipped S Chris Harris to Carolina. Now Harris looks like an answer for the Panthers, and the Bears have few options at safety.

Fred Miller released: Hey, say what you want about Miller’s woeful 2007 season, his presence the previous two years helped the Bears make the playoffs and go to a Super Bowl. Miller’s agent says he was just injured and he can still play. Good luck with that.

So, my questions and observations are:

1. Great, Miller and Moose needed to go at their salaries, ages and given their dropoff in production. But now think about it. Given that the Bears will most likely lose Bernard Berrian, the team now has to replace 100% of their starting receivers, and 50% of their starting tackles. Angelo better have some major moves in mind. If these 3 are replaced adequately, great. If we’re talking about going with the second coming of Bernard Robertson or Quasim Mitchell at tackle, and Rashid Davis and Mark Bradley at receiver, one of the league’s worst offenses just took a step backward. That’s hard to fathom. And I can’t imagine that Angelo would let that happen.

2. What the hell is Adam Archuleta doing still on this team? I’m wondering this myself, and I have asked my friends over at www.cbfans.info to help me out on that.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “Wacking Day”

  1. I understand why they released Moose, but I hate to see him go. He seemed like a good guy on and off the field. He brought veteran leadership and class to the team. Although (like you said) his big-play potential never fully materialized, he did have some clutch catches for us over the past few years. He was a big, strong, gritty receiver, and I enjoyed watching him play for the Bears. Hopefully he’ll get the opportunity to keep playing football somewhere else. But with the Berrian situation looming…I am worried. I hope Angelo & Company have a master plan to actually IMPROVE this offense…

  2. I am also wondering how the hell Archuleta didn’t get cut. The guy sucked plain and simple. I believe Brian Griese should be released as well. Griese saw a good amount of playing time last season and his play solidified the fact that he’s a backup quarterback and will never be a long term solution at the position for any team. It makes no sense to keep paying him the money he’s getting under those circumstances. While nothing is official, it’s quietly being said that Ruben Brown won’t be brought back. Brown has turned in some decent seasons with the Bears but at 35 and coming off an injury, I think it’s time to replace him.

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