USA Today 2010 Pro Football Preview

This is a summary of Bears news, predictions, statements, from the 2010 USA Today Pro Football Preview magazine I picked up yesterday.  If you don’t want the condensed version but would rather read it yourself, move on to something else…

  • Julius Peppers is the only Bear to make their list of the top 50 players in the NFL, coming in at #28.  Of course the NFC North is well represented.  Viking Jared Allen is called the 4th best player in the NFL, Kevin Williams 15th (even though they used a photo of Pat Williams), Adrian Peterson 20th, Steve Hutchinson 21st, Brett Favre 29th, and Ryan Longwell 50th.  Packers that made their list were Charles Woodson (13th) and Aaron Rodgers (45th).  Man I’m sick after just typing that.
  • A feature article compares what 2006 quarterback draftees Jay Cutler, Matt Leinart and Vince Young have done in their first four seasons.  They predict that Cutler has the most upside in his future.
  • They give the Bears a C and C- for the 2010 draft.  They gave Detroit an A and A-, Green Bay a B+ and C, and Minnesota a C+ and C.
  • 6 prognosticators predict the finish of all teams including those making the playoffs.  One, Jarrett Bell, predicts the Bears will make the wildcard in the NFC.  Two, Nate Davis and Sean Leahy, predict that the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl.  Three predict the Vikings will make the Super Bowl but lose to either New England or Baltimore.  Wow.
  • I’m not sure if this is just in a regional edition, but next is an article with opposing viewpoints.  Ryan Bonini from predicts that the Bears are playoff bound in 2010, while his colleague Bryce McRae says “the Bears will be a disaster thanks for a lackluster offensive line and an aging, overrated defense.”  Ouch.
  • Finally, Ryan O’Halloran picks the NFC, and has Minnesota winning the division, with both the Bears and Packers clinching a wild card spot.  He thinks the Bears will lose to Dallas in the wildcard then Minnesota defeats the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game.

Good thing for most of this is that we know 90% of the time, predictions are flat wrong.

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