Urlacher’s Angst

We’ve all heard the scuttlebutt the last few months that Brian Urlacher is unhappy with the roughly $50 million contract he signed prior to the 2003 season. Now according to Vaughn McClure, Urlacher will be skipping the Bears’ voluntary offseason program.

So what are we as fans to think here?  Not that it matters, of course, but on the one hand, Urlacher signed a very reasonable deal five years ago, and as they always do in the NFL, salaries have exploded annually.  On the other hand, no one put a gun to Urlacher’s head.  He signed a contract worth by my estimation more than 10 times more than I will make in my entire 40+ year working career.

I just don’t get professional athletes, and it seriously makes me question my devotion to any pro sports team anymore.  I can’t go back to my employer and renegotiate my salaries for the last few years, even though I’ve performed at a high level.  And I’d love to have the security of a seven-year contract (granted contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed, but I didn’t get a signing bonus in my job, either.)

What to think?

5 Responses to “Urlacher’s Angst”

  1. I 100% agree with you Roy. He didn’t play that great last year except for maybe the last three games. I’m feeling that he’s acting like he’s bigger than the team. No one is or ever has been bigger than the team..

  2. I actually have no qualms with how he played. Actually at the end of the year he was back to his old self, dominating in games against the Vikings, Packers and Redskins. I’m just contrasting his demands for more money vs. us regular folk with real jobs. And that’s just the way it is in the NFL. I contribute to it by being a season ticket holder, so I can’t complain. It’s just amazing though.

  3. If either you or I did what he did at our jobs we’d be fired.

  4. Yes. No. I don’t know. Beats me. No. Yes. Fine.

  5. Its all relitive to what you do….If someone in your office was doing the same job as you and was making alot more money than you i bet you would be pissed too…Brian Urlacher is not in top 10 highest paid linebackers, nevermind the whole league….Pay the man his worth!!!PS….Brian Urlacher has DOUBLED every stat of mike Singletary in 4 less years so dont tell me he is not worth it!!

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