Urlacher vs. Cutler: Meow?

Don’t know why we’re even posting this, since we have real jobs and don’t twitter or tweet or twit or whatever and can’t break news.  But for the record, today ex-Bears and current mediocre Vikings receiver Bobby Wade has told the Minnesota media that Brian Urlacher thinks Jay Cutler is a….read the Sun-Times article for two of the five letters in the word.

Additionally, several media members have sources that Cutler and Urlacher got into a heated minicamp argument and had to be separated.  Of course the Bears organization and Urlacher are vehmently denying the exchange and the insult.

So, judge for yourself whether it happened or what the implications are.  It’s always something around these parts.

One Response to “Urlacher vs. Cutler: Meow?”

  1. I’m all over Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/perno and enjoy reading what Bears players are up to now that camp is in session.
    This whole thing is hilarious. I’m sure Uralacher did say that, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is how Bobby Wade broke his code of silence. I can’t wait til they play each other, it’s a shame it’s so far into the season.

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