Urlacher Done for 2009

As we all already know, Brian Urlacher is done for the season with the wrist injury he suffered in Green Bay.  The Bears website states that he will be replaced by Hunter Hillenmeyer.  Unless Hillenmeyer plays leaps and bounds better in the middle than he did in 2004, we’re in trouble.

Word has it the Bears have calls into former Tampa all-pro Derrick Brooks, but how much would Brooks have left in the tank?  I assume if they signed Brooks, the Bears would move Lance Briggs to the middle and put Brooks in at the will backer position normally manned by Briggs.

Scary way to start the season, Bears fans.  But again, good teams overcome injuries.  We’ll see if the Bears can be one of those teams.

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  1. Well if nothing else it’s a trial by fire. If they can make the additions, plug the right guys in and roll we’ll know that they’re for real. If not…… let’s just not think about that.

  2. Per Tampa Tribune, “Could sign as early as today”..

  3. This reminds me of the start of the 2007 season, when we lost two starters during the Chargers game.

    Or the 2004 season, when we lost both Urlacher and Grossman by week three.

  4. Looks like Tim Shaw may get the nod over Brooks. Also, now they are saying that Tinoisamoa is day to day and may be able to go on Sunday? Seems a bit far fetched to me. I would think 3 weeks minimum.

  5. I would like to see what Lance Briggs can do at middle linebacker.
    This could be not be as bad as it seems.
    Maybe Briggs will flourish.
    I have always wondered what the Bears would look like with Urlacher as the Will and Briggs as the Mike.
    Surely they are going to move Briggs to MLB. Right?

  6. Briggs will stay on the outside. Time will tell who fills in the middle.

  7. I think Urlacher is a huge loss and will be difficult to overcome. This isnt a Mike Brown injury in which the Bears had prepared for by 2006. This is a serious season altering injury in my opinion…especially with Lovie’s initial refusal to move Briggs to MLB saying that Hunter is the best option. I disagree based on how Hunter played there in 2004 and how he lost his starting spot last season.

    This isnt the end of all ends..assuming Cutler gets on the same page as his receivers we’ll win games with the offense, but the defense takes a huge hit. With Urlacher the defense really only gave up 3 points yesterday (Cutler’s INT was returned to the 1 yard line, almost guaranteed that the Packers were going to score there)..After that they allow 10 point swing in the 2nd half…but for the most part the defense still played well. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I just dont hold out much hope myself for this season anymore.

  8. It makes no sense to move Briggs to the middle. One of the key elements of the Cover-2 the Bears run is to push the ball toward the weakside. That is why Briggs – who is an excellent tackler – flourishes and often leads the team in tackles from week to week.

    The danger in moving Briggs would be making a bad situation worse. Briggs may not be as effective in the middle and then there would also be a dropoff at the weakside linebacker position.

  9. Whatever happened to the old saying “whatever it takes”. I’ve heard countless times that the Bears want to promote from the inside and have told Brooks “thanks, but no thanks”. I don’t get it, got a couple of hall of famers sitting in F.A. and we want to ‘promote from within’. I’m lost, i’d rather go after Zach Thomas or D. Brooks and win football games. Then lose and make a couple of back ups feel better about themselves.

  10. This is a great oppt. for briggs in the middle, when brian comes back play the sam or will, and it puts extra years on his carrier,

  11. It would really help out if Tommy Harris would wake up.

    I think moving Hunter to the middle is the best option the Bears have right now. He knows the system and is more comfortable directing the D from MLB than is Briggs. Briggs is on record saying he’s not comfortable at MLB. Again, if the D line steps up–namely Harris–this loss of No. 54 may not hurt too much. (oh, it’ll still hurt …)

  12. Good thing they didn’t cut Hillenmeyer. I read somewhere that the Bears were 0-7 in the 7 games Urlacher was out that year. We’ll see what happens!

  13. Briggs will not be moved to MLB. Also to me it looks like Harris is done. I didn’t see anything in the game against the Packers that would say otherwise. I think the best we can hope that he just provides at least average play.

  14. I am an avid fan of the chicago bears, but after attending the bears-packers opening season game in Lambeau, I can truly say without guilt that the bears season has already been written. From the plays that Cutler was trying to make when the bears are a running team to begin with and the way our secondary is still in the same shape as last season where if a receiver can get to that level, the secondary will always be beat. This has been a consistant issue since the bears made it to the superbowl. And other teams know this. And how good with the front line be when good running back like AP or MJD hit that line and breaks thru, who’s to stop that. In my opinion, we are done and can write off this season before suffering anymore watching games that just breaks our hearts. I am one fan that is not afraid to admit this and I am pretty sure that their are other Bears fan that can understand my feelings to this season

  15. Reminds me of the Super Bowl year after losing Mike Brown.
    I thought, “There is no way they can do it now. The leader of the defense is gone”
    Who knows.
    Maybe Tommie Harris will disrupt things in the middle so well it will not matter.
    I will have hope.

  16. Mark were you watching the same game? The defense last week gave up a total of 226 yards last game to a very good Packers offense. (50 of which was on a play where the defensive back basically fell down) We allowed only really fourteen points. (I also give 7 to the Cutler interception) Do not write the season off. Be a real goddamn Bears fan and Bear Down! Sunday WHEN we beat the Steelers we will be one and one with the arrow only pointing up and you, sir, will be eating your words. If the Bears go to the playoffs or the Superbowl, please stay home and turn off your tv, because you don’t deserve to go or watch for writing us off in week one!

  17. To Mark yes I understand but I still have lots of hope even with Urlacher out. Amen Higgins

  18. “Do not write the season off. Be a real goddamn Bears fan and Bear Down! ”

    I hate this concept of a “real Bear fan” its like some Bears fans are so immature that they cannot stand criticism or negativity about the team. I was like that when I was 11 but come on.

    I am just as much of a Bears fan and so is Higgins as you are… and drop the damn Chicago Tough sterotype.

  19. There were two Mark responses on this blog.
    I have changed to Mark L.
    The Mark who has not written off the Bears and made the Mike Brown analogy for losing Urlacher (who in my opinion wlll stand on the sideline at the Super Bowl this year cheering his team on)
    The other Mark who claims to be an avid Bears fan and does not realize that the Bears Defense essentially shut down the best looking offense in preseason needs to have a little faith in the Beloved.

  20. Stephen, all I am saying is that a “real” fan doesn’t write the entire year off after a first game loss. If you want to do that New England is taking applications. No, I will not “drop the Chicago tough sterotype” because I don’t know what a sterotype is. Is it anything like a stereotype? You were probably a much better fan at the age of eleven when rooting for a team meant unconditional devotion to watching with the hope of your team winning. I can stand criticism. I can stand negativity. Those are the reasons I come to websites and blog, to talk about the weaknesses of our team and get other’s opinions on Bear’s issues. I can’t stand the “Sky is falling”, “the apocalypse is coming” attitude that some Bears’ fans exhibit after a seven point week one loss.

  21. a loss in which we should have lost by alot more. im actualy proud of the performance. to give the ball up to that “super dangerous” offense and still be in the game late in the fourth quarter. if the bears would have won that game we would all hear about how the bears can throw 4 ints and still win, how great. easy how it can shift from bad to good , dont you think?

  22. Higgins/Terrill….awesome to have you hear to add your credible thoughts!

  23. It’s tough to lose someone like Urlacher at any time. But LB is where we’re strongest, and things could have been a lot worse. Imagine what we’d be saying if we’d lost a corner, QB or RB.

  24. Everybody is obsessing over the 0-7 record the Bears had in ’04 without Urlacher. Just remember the qb’s were Johnathon Quinn, Craig Krenzel, and Chad Hutchinson. I think Cutler’s better than them.

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  26. I hate to say it, but I told so. Wait, I don’t hate saying that at all. 1-1 Go Bears!

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