Urlacher Almost Moved to Will

According to one of my favorite sites, www.profootballtalk.com, had the trade of Lance Briggs to San Francisco in 2007 gone through, Brian Urlacher was informed that he would have moved to Briggs’ will (weakside linebacker) position.

Then the trade fell through because 2 NFL teams didn’t know that Briggs couldn’t sign a longterm deal after accepting the franchise tender, and the Bears eventually pursued and won tampering charges against the Niners.

Funny how much can truly go on behind the scenes without anyone sniffing anything out. And funny of course how management, coaches and players have brushed off any talk of Urlacher changing positions no matter how much it’s been suggested as nonsense, only to be speaking of it in reality.

Again, profootballtalk has been wrong, and it’s only a rumor. But maybe suggesting that Urlacher could prolong his career, not to mention the use of his legs, by changing to weakside linebacker or strong safety isn’t as crazy as those in the know would like to make us believe it is.

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  1. Roy,

    I agree with you. Moving Urlacher to Will or Strong Safety is not a half bad idea. If I remember correctly didn’t he play SS in High School and College.

  2. He sure did, Doug. I’m not necessarily advocating it, but if it prolongs his career, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be considered.

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