Update from Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush spoke to Mike Murphy on WSCR today about his publications’ article, referenced here earlier, and the interview is available on WSCR’s home page.

In the interview, Hub insists that there is a clear byline in 14-point type in his print edition. Hub, you can look at your website. There is no byline on the article on your website right here. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

I think I do a fairly good job of being unbiased here. I don’t particularly like Hub. I think he’s an extremely knowledgeable football writer and obviously has spent his entire life around the Bears. I have never liked how he talks to and about the fans. Quite often he will preface comments with “let me explain this in easy terms, because most fans don’t understand…..” And who can forget his infamous beratings of fans calling into Dick Jauron’s radio show daring to question the coach.

After about 80% of the interview on the Score, I was going to compliment Hub on keeping his cool and remaining professional with and respectful to a caller. I really thought he was going to pull it off. But he didn’t as he obviously became impatient and raised his voice to the caller that calmly asked Hub about his relationship with Dick Jauron potentially affecting the neutrality of the article in question.

It’s a great listen, please check it out.

I know I’m just an unintelligent, moronic blogger to Hub, but I don’t care.

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  1. Hub is a smart guy and know his stuff. However, I’ve also made it known he is an arrogant and pompus ass. I was rather happy he was removed from the radio booth.

    As for the article, it’s amazing what a half a season does. All the mediots were “shocked” the Bears didn’t sign Lovie to an extension. Now, it was a mistake… And end this Ron Rivera love already. People seem to forget the defense was very average towards the end of last season and garbage in the Super Bowl. This was after Tommie Harris went down. The defense this season was playing good for 2.5 quarters. They started to play bad when half of the team dropped like flies. It’s all about personnel on defense. They had it last year, and not so much now (Archuletta wasn’t on the team last year. Enough said…)

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